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Comprehend close feeling from small part
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High teacher the Song Dynasty ascends Chinese of dragon bay middle school water

Close affection is the brooklet of a trickling sluggishly, bring to the heart that dry up sweet moist; Close affection is a soft soft sunshine, let freezing heart be dissolved stealthily; Close affection is a silent harbour, the exhaustion that lets Yuan Hang vanishs completely. Worldly the most beautiful is close affection, close affection is a topic that does not say forever. Go up in classroom recently, a few experience that I gave students to say him near future --

Hear father to have the news of life danger, I did not close a key point overnight.

Father feels wind covers tightly unbearably these days, urge repeatedly in mine under just did a chromatic B to exceed to county hospital. The result gives person accident: Heart valve ageing, need performs an operation switch, have life risk otherwise.

The family member does not agree to perform an operation, because of father after all 70 years old, can bearing so that stay in this kind to open pectoral operation is a big question.

The doctor suggests we make a comprehensive inspection, among them one calls esophagus report physiology. Want to use a pipe to insert esophagus from nostril namely, combine electrocardiogram to observe heart function next. The doctor uses small sucking disk to be inductor adsorption on father's body above all, but how be also sucked, perhaps suck attach to fall down immediately. The doctor says: "Your father is too thin, a bit flesh is done not have. " the rib that looks at father hold up to rise, a root is highlighted very badly, resemble wanting thorn to defeat the skin outside, I not by aching unceasingly, more returning is compunctious, these year I did not take good care of old father ah!

His tooth is bad, I just let him himself change to hundreds of his money, who knows he hates to part with a flower at all this money, still did not change to now; His audition is bad, have bit of hard of hearing, want to match an Acousticon to him, also did not buy to now; He likes to eat the meat, but I live besides what give money and did not take care of him good... if have accident this really, I do not know how father of not let sb down, on conscience how be able to pass.

When doing electrocardiogram, the heartbeat that the doctor says father is minutely have 59 times only, slant a bit slow, the requirement is accelerated minutely 130, the body that looks at father a wrestle as the instrument jump continuously, I fear he is overcome; The doctor moves the heartbeat to 150 again, father does not support a little, the body seems to want to leave table start to come, cluck of the cluck in throat makes sound; The doctor moves the heartbeat to 180 again, see father heart only ground jumps, should jump body of one's previous experience, fitful is disgusting let his keck do not have a law to spit again, father reachs the hand of bony, flurried consider holds the edge of table, how to also do however. My tear does not live unexpectedly flow, the request stops to check on doctor horse.
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