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The Mid-autumn Festival, do not forget father mother!
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Mid-autumn, go on a long journey to becoming a monk or nun for the first time come Hangzhou for the entrant that read, unusual. A thousand li sends lovesickness, parents is how to remember with concern children, is the child how miss family? Yesterday morning, the reporter will to deliver of post office of city of city station Hangzhou run a department, the hope reads this heart through postal parcel and two ground book. The mailman tells a reporter, the Mid-autumn Festival becomes the laborer's red-letter day already, run into in post office run money is sent in the home, those who send moon cake is laborer brother mostly.

As a result of,be of contemporary communication expedite, the undergraduate waits to be contacted with family with short message of QQ, MSN, mobile phone much, and Where is the post tool of tradition of rare person reoccupy? Mailmans say, the undergraduate also can run very much post-office, nevertheless, what they run is two festivals: The Valentine's Day and christmas.

Very rare student sends moon cake toward the home

The spot, hangzhou city post office is survey object with college of big city of short for Zhejiang Province and tree person university, the wrap up deliver that finds out close a week is odd, the wrap up sheet that discovers colleger of big city of short for Zhejiang Province is received is 56, the wrap up sheet that student of the college that cultivate a person receives is 19, all send a student by the parent, and the student is sent toward the wrap up in the home for 0.

Deliver of this post office manages a staff member Chen Jianzhong to tell a reporter, he did deliver work 30 years, the heart that discovers the parent cares the child is thicker and thicker, and the child is so not much however to emotional expression of parents.

Laochen citing says, "Still can which undergraduate thinks of nowadays moon cake is sent in the home, if have, that is particularly filial person certainly. Present undergraduate is fond of more chocolate is sent to the other side in the Valentine's Day, send candy, send gadgety; In christmas both sides each other sends greeting card, send all sorts of little gifts in the clip inside card even. Send all sorts of little gifts in the clip inside card even..

Foreign section post is compared when mid-autumn much

The reporter understands in interview, at ordinary times or it is the Mid-autumn Festival, enough undergraduate uses the mailbox of roadside of school gate mouth, and go to those two " foreign section " , the post office should set person specially assigned for a task to conduct mail business in school lodge, sometimes flat put big hop-pocket in lodge, make a student direct put in mail in hop-pocket. "Teach garden high the area from next sand, from short for Zhejiang Province harbor of big violet gold come back, but that includes big package greatly the ground hauls mail, time of car is insufficient, go there and back then again run... "

Laochen hopes the reporter sends word to an undergraduate through the report, send mail to want a standard, otherwise bilateral damage. He says, a lot of undergraduates like to send all sorts of things in the clip in ordinary mail, of hard rat-tat rat-tat have uneven phonic sound overweight, it is to be not accorded with " common ordinary mail " of the standard. Correspondence clip sends a thing had better be use registered letter or handle small-sized postal parcel, and send a RMB to want to fill in money order bill. Laochen says, registered letter is artificial postmark, won't damage mail; And ordinary mail is machine postmark, bring about machine and mail very easily to be damaged at the same time. Still have, the undergraduate sends mail to must have detailed gift or letter, what " name and address of sender enclosed " , " short for Zhejiang Province is big " , " Hangzhou report " the brief language of and so on, nowhere can quit the post that makes the other side unmanned receive.
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