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With the child " fall in love "
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Object: Middle and primary school lays 15 people of the parent, teacher
Whether had you talked about your love with the child?

Have (2 people)

Without (13 people)

Whether do you pay close attention to the child to have at ordinary times without love early?

Have (14 people)

Without (1 person)

If discovery loves symptom early, are you mixed whether actively he (she) talk? (3 people discover and dissuade)

Can you read a few books for this or consult a n experienced person?

(only 1 person expresses to be able to look)

I pay close attention to campus love very much,

But talk not actively with the child

In the small investigation of this second topic, the parent with unripe middle and primary school only one person expresses to never pay close attention to the child to be loved whether early, because he feels son affection respect compares late-maturing, the others parent all expresses, can pay close attention to this matter at ordinary times, hold thought tendercy of the child in time. But what form bright contrast with this active attention is, they talk about love not actively basically with the child this topic.

The measure that the parent adopts than peek before diary and so on should concealment more, be aware of not easily by the child. Ms. Lin says 3 schoolgirls mother first: "When the child and classmate electrify word, I can notice to if listening to her, be inscribed; When the child should go out to play, who I can ask and goes together, have a few people; When content of give sb a present of the each other between the classmate, I can ask who sends innocently of purpose or who to send. Carry these kind, my radical instinct masters the daughter's circumstance. " the way of most parent is as similar as Ms. Lin, in addition, when the parent can send a short message in children or also a few talk about QQ, notice conversational content.

About love, the point of view of teacher and parents is more unanimous, chat not actively basically, concern talks morer, the child is jumped over " early " , be inferior to talking so. They are in only discover the child has dark love the tendency or love early when be being made public quite, just adopt processing measure. Teachers can be adopted mostly " cold treatment " , analytic interests, persuade a student to be attached most importance to with school work. One is engaged in for years politics the teacher that teachs the job says: "A few words can not solve affection problem, but can let a student realise advantages and disadvantages as teacher at least, put an end to act is adored in what brazenly appears in campus. " and the parent's reaction is met a few more intense, the person that insist to break is in the majority. Gao Yinan's strange mother says: "Son achievement suffer a disastrous decline, talk about love to cause namely. Do not break them, my sleeping and eating is installed hard. My sleeping and eating is installed hard..
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