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Children of problem of Yi Cheng of children staying behind
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This survey analysed the life current situation of Gansu Province children staying behind and psychological problem systematically, discovery is very much " children staying behind " already translate into " problem children " . From this, researcher basis findings, put forward a few " rescue " the countermeasure of children staying behind, hope society is affirming children of knowledge, attention staying behind and the psychology that solve children staying behind are perplexed.
I save the current situation children staying behind has 600 thousand
Because historical condition, environment, economy grows those who wait for a lot of element to restrict, I save a lot of farmers " leave one's native place " work in the city, and the children that takes in the home is called " children staying behind " or " orphan staying behind " . Show according to investigating data, I save current children staying behind to have 600 thousand, show year after year to increase by degrees trend. The children staying behind of above of half the number cannot live together with parents, the children staying behind that exceeds half the number cannot live together with any one party of parents. In last few years, young men and women goes out in succession, what the country remains is two kinds of people mostly, namely old person and child, children staying behind lives together with grandmother of grandfather grandma, grandfather commonly, return some to ask neighbour, even some is flat " put a sheep " . Their life quality is inferior to the child beside parents for certain.
Additional, to most rural family, children also is the compensatory labour force in the home. Investigation personnel discovers in be visited on the spot, the work load of children staying behind compared with blame children staying behind for more, heavier. Especially to the girl, go out in parents Wu labour around, their work load change is more apparent. Most children staying behind can be engaged in resemble unplugging wheat, fertilization, carry water, cook, hello draught animals, wash the necessary housework such as the dress, the children staying behind with old age bears a responsibility that takes care of brother little sister even. In the meantime, should stay behind the parental one party that is in the home sick or age of grandfather, grandma is older, children staying behind still needs to take care of the grandfather of sick parents or old, grandma, formed the phenomenon of converse custody then.
Sequential part " children staying behind " existence psychology problem
Introduce according to personnel of investigation and study, in recent years, do chore about children staying behind or be engaged in other work and be seen ceaselessly by burn or the condition that cause damage Zhu Baoduan. More important is, live for a long time in alone environment, the mental health of children staying behind is affected. According to investigation, a lot of such child becomes close, some arises even return social mood, when encountering conflict behavior of easy generation extreme. Finally, the care in the absense of parents and supervise, children staying behind is on a wrong path easily still. The child's ego controls force to lose than adult originally, here case falls, they lose ego easily in the place such as the Internet bar. And, easier also in threes and fours, come home not in time after school, even by socially a few people are used.
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