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Carve jade in the right way, the source teachs culture from the parent
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They fight two years to go up in medical treatment battlefront all the time, having deep medical theory strength and rich clinical experience, to him child grow also be clear at the bosom.

They fostered a clever, healthy son with their experience and wisdom. 3 years ago, son Zhou Yiwei checks Shanghai middle school. Last year, he is mixed by Tsinghua in the photograph when harbor Great Harmony, the civil engineering that enters Tsinghua college finally is professional. A few days ago, the society that serves as this summer vacation time carries out a project, he and other the experience that two Tsinghua students share him to succeed in city of lukewarm city book and everybody --

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Zhou Yiwei

Was born in July 1987.

2000, read at school of lukewarm city foreign language.

2003, check Shanghai middle school.

2006, by Tsinghua and the Zhou Yiwei that harbor admits at the same time greatly, enter major of Tsinghua university civil engineering finally.


Art of father Zhou Zu

Center of control of precaution of disease of lukewarm state city is passed defend division section chief


Maternal Cai Caiping

Medical personnel of some hospital of lukewarm state city

Pure mother milk feeds a good bodily health

"Mother milk has 3 big gain! To the infantile advantage, advantage to the mother and the advantage to domestic society. " the dominant position that as the mom of medical personnel Cai Caiping understands to pure mother breeds feed is having any substitute to cannot be likened to more than anybody. Really, her insist to fall, son " thrive " be worthy of the name.

Maternity leave end went to work, mother is forced to put the small Yi Wei of 6 months in the child-care centre of the unit. Again hasty midday ground runnings to the child-care centre, hold small Yi Wei in the arms, feed to him nurse. "Emphasize very much on our medicine, the mother breeds feed is the main chance of mother and infantile eyes and skin communication. " the principle that following these science, her pure mother breeds feed holds to more than 10 months all the time.

Good eloquence is revealed in broadcasting station

The Zhou Yiwei in the child-care centre, namely that always is bringing the child of a lot of interrogation. Go on the road, the word on shop fascia also became his curious target. Arrived bifurcation bifurcation learns when language, cognizant of small Yi Wei a lot of words. Arrived elementary school one grade, the Chinese textbook that sees 3 year is unchallenged already.

Small Yi Wei's better language conveys ability to became a small compere to lay a foundation for him. Arrived elementary school when 3 grade, to give small Yi Wei a chance that take exercise, art of father Zhou Zu lets him be in of broadcasting station " flower " in children program " loud voice " .

"He broadcasts inside, we return insecurity than him outside, " parents says. As a result of " flower " it is an interactive program, there is young audience to ask compere tells a story to him in the program. The person of full-court is unable to bear or endure in those days screen lived to breathe, mom feels his heart mentioned voice eye to go up, want to know this is small Yi Wei is chaired for the first time, if awkward silence at an occasion, either very I am sorry everybody? When worrying for small Yi Wei in everybody, small Yi Wei is incompact told a story slow, he let his reaction confirm his actual strength. 3 years later, gues-star to broadcasting station small chaired him final " happy " .
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