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Mom forces 18 years old of sons drink everyday
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On Oriental hot line of Ning Bo, one signs " the wind of jelly " 18 years old of boys sighed in post of the hair on the net a few days ago bitter classics says, "I am being forced by mom everyday drink, she says to won't drink, be on a society to do not have prospect later. "

Of this mother " additional kind " educational law, controversy is aroused in place.

"The wind of jelly " it is Ning Bo full boy of 18 years old, the surname is yellow. Xiaohuang is not touched from droplet wine, two years ago, small Huang Shanggao one, one day mom poured a cup of wine to let Xiaohuang try to drink, the flavour of wine of savor of his first time, feel special pain, reject to drink then. "Wine is bitter, medicine also is bitter, drink with different of the it doesn't matter that drink drug. " Xiaohuang says, my person is young still at that time, do not like to drink, mom also does not have reluctance. Now, my take an examination ofing attended a college, became an undergraduate, mom is a bit anxious, she fears I won't drink, be on a society to affect intercourse later, meeting be unpopular.

Ms. Sun looks for an opportunity to make Xiaohuang experienced drink more, and Xiaohuang always pushs goblet. Mom cannot help saying, if have a job after you, boss and colleague let you drink, you were not drunk, the family can cannot bear the sight of. To this, xiaohuang is a little depressed, sigh in post of the hair on Oriental hot line bitter classics.

Unexpected, many people indicate approval to the practice of Ms. Sun. Somebody thinks to drink some of wine more is expression with sincere the intention that entertain a guest, can improve mood promotional communicate. Also somebody thinks, year full 18 years old are adult, from lifestyle or favor consuetudinary in light of, drink bit of wine, learn to choose ways of life, it is general reason.

A lot of people are held reject an attitude, right " do not drink to do not have prospect " the viewpoint puts forward to refute. The bark employer that does car business says, the corporation is more regular, cultural administrative levels of the person is higher, won't rely on to drink more solicit trade. Engraft to the child the idea that drinks to just can have prospect, be by accident person children.