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Good family teachs methodological where to come
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We make the comrade that family education guidance works, often want to answer these questions that the parent raises:

"My child learns achievement to always go up not to go, the method with what have good do you see make he improves study result quickly? The method with what have good do you see make he improves study result quickly??

"My child is particularly corrupt play, do not love to learn namely, you look to change him to have an insatiable desire for with what method play illness, get the heart does study come up? Get the heart does study come up??

"My child often takes the money in the home secretly, how do you look to do? How do you look to do??

"My child courage is particularly small, how do you look to do? How do you look to do??

Family education expert always should examine minutely a few circumstances to the parent, make judgement, offer proposal of a few concrete step to the parent next.
The parent went back to be done according to the expert's opinion, some saw the effect, some does not see improvement. Is this why?

Education is very " vivid " social phenomenon, it is to be in " vivid " the person is right " vivid " undertake between the person. Differ in thousands ways of every every every family, parent, child, again good education method is difficult also domestic home is applicable.

The family teachs horizontal on any account, decide the issue at 3 levels: It is idea of educational thought of the parent, education above all; It is the assurance that the parent teachs the rule, fundamental to the family next; It is the educational method that accords with real science again. That is to say, good educational method comes from at teaching the rule and real couple, come from at having correct educational thought coach.

If the parent is when the specific problem that faces educational child, can think so: Does the educational method before me accord with educational rule? How to do ability to accord with the rule? Does my educational thought have a problem? Entered a taller state. However when the parent is thinking so, must want to one kind consults to just may make judgement, manage gives main threads of an affair. This kind consults, it is knowledge of family education science. Accordingly, the parent must learn seriously, want to have self-conscious study consciousness.

The way of knowledge of science of parent study family education is very much:

Learn through parent school. Parent school of the whole nation gained ground more and more, each parents should attend visit a class actively, the good student of parenthood school. When attend a lecture, want to carry notebook, record serious content as far as possible.
Come back to want to look afresh, become oneself knowledge.

Pass broadcast, TV study. Now, the broadcast broadcasting station of each province, city, area and TV station open the family teachs special subject program, the parent should listen seriously, watch. Some broadcasting station still set audience hot line, the parent can seek advice to the expert.
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