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The parent " collective sends learn " most student feels disgusted
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"Wanted to term begins, parents and kin should send me to go to the school, but I already was not dot... " before accurate undergraduate terms begins many " sweet burden " . Many new students hope to have a brand-new, independent starting point, sending knowledge problem to went up to produce difference with parents.

The Xiaogao that is graduated from southern Asia middle school will go to loose river university the city reports for duty, she is vivid to the undergraduate special expect, made all sorts of preparation early. These days, a bit stick to one's position had between Xiaogao and parents. "Term begins that day, they themselves send me not only, still included business affairs car, the kin such as grandfather, grandma, aunt, the husband of one's maternal aunt prepares to accompany me to report for duty together. My person attends a college, why to want so much person to send? " Xiaogao tells a reporter, receive university admission notice to rise momently then, she should begin independent life with respect to the decision, to moment so much person sends learn, in case was seen by the teacher, create bad impression for certain. Xiaogao is mixed all the time these days hard bubble of pa Mom use soft tactics, hope they abandon " the family dispatchs " thought, still did not reach with parents nevertheless consistent.

The accurate undergraduate that has this kind of worry is not little. Most new student expresses, do not wish to let too much person sends in the home learn, celibate head for or only an elder is accompanied, just be ideal " opening condition " , but such idea often is not accepted by parent place. The reporter made a small-sized investigation, the new student that discovers a lot of families sends in learning a plan, the scale majority of student and parent is 1 ∶ 4 or 1 ∶ 6, some families can dispatch even ten kin, enough sits full a medium-sized bus.

"The school encourages a new student to report for duty alone, do not advocate too much parent to send learn. " Shanghai hands in Qian Jingfeng of vice secretary of general Party branch of old stuff institute to tell a reporter, a lot of schools allude somewhat in admission notice: Do not welcome the parent " collective sends learn " . Qian Jingfeng was this to give out to suggest respectively to the parent and new student: Parents should learn conversion to think: The child wants to support is couldn't get when becoming independent, can they have stronger dependence later? The student also cannot have too strong traitorous mentality, roughhouse of avoid by all means, and should communicate straight-outly with parents, and ask for advice a few experience of life.