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The child loves the parent early how to do
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The home has the father and mother of little male girl, one of the afraidest things, it is the child and the problem that the opposite sex interacts probably. They are afraid, once the child is early love, will hold oneself very hard, lead to the crisis of a body and mind. On October 22, this edition print sent the incoming letter of reader white gentleman, he says, the daughter goes up this year first 3, loved early, do not know to have a kind of method, can not hurt the daughter's proper pride already, can you prevent again love early? For this, this edition organized a group of characters, let us hear the point of view of expert and parent.

Guide the opposite sex

Regular contact

The child that loves early longs to help

Farsighted think of mom: Above all I feel the parent is not buckled easily to the child on " love early " cap. When thinking oneself are young, whether had ever also produced good opinion to a certain opposite sex? I think major person can make affirmative reply. Since such, do we touch war greatly why again? I feel very much to be considered as by the parent " love early " the child, at best just produces curiosity to the opposite sex. This shows him (she) people was brought up, had self-identity to his sexual distinction, he (she) people longing understands the opposite sex.

Next, if the parent discovers the child is close to particularly with a certain opposite sex, do not want addition of foot of fleer, fist, do topic of the town, however ten million wants sober, reason. Because the child has been in adolescence at that time, he (she) people physiology, psychology produced tremendous change. He (she) people inner world is extremely complex, also long to get the understanding of family, help. If the parent censures blindly, let the child probably feel abasement and pressure, produce traitorous psychology, instead pushs the child to abyss really.

Again, the parent, teacher should activate opportunity, in guiding the child to blend in collective life, guide the child to be contacted normally with the opposite sex, avoid to be the same as certain opposite sex to had been contacted as far as possible close, can eliminate the child to feel to the mystery of the opposite sex so.

The 4th, more and more example make clear, live in the child in happy, harmonious, democratic family the more, won't appear more this kind of thing. Because this parent needs to create a favorable environment, let the child grow healthily.

Mother child the secret that shares adolescence

Fruit: I think, when child happening is loved early, simply won't do in the negative, because at that time the child is traitorous the gender is very strong, often feel parents does not understand them. So I can use the mood of affirmation and appreciation to tell the child above all: Pretty good, you had been brought up, and the adolescent expression with appeared normal, mom is very glad. Talk about oneself to become with him then the psychological activity of year of adolescence and practice. Search again with the child together, anyhow should make him child clear, this is a kind of good impression to the opposite sex only, is not love. Suggesting he buries this kind of idea in the heart finally is best practice, enrich his life of course even through a few ways, dispersive his attention.
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