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4 years of 7 change 3 cities " mother of contemporary the first month " this
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Changchun, Beijing, Hangzhou, 4 years of time, move 7 times, 3 cities... Jilin saves a mother to have a good learning environment to let the child, in a few years of time, deduced with the action " mother of contemporary the first month " story. Her daughter is like eventually nowadays wish to promote good school, but its gamble, follow the example of the first month the practice of 3 change should advocate the mother to arouse a few controversy however.

Wang Yuhui a life that once lived calm 3 times in Jilin province the Changchun City, however all these is because of Wang Yuhui when daughter Wang Qian is 5 years old changed to her acceptance. That year, wang Yuhui and husband are taking a daughter to go to Beijing playing, it is at the door Tsinghua university, wang Yuhui shows the sign of a school says to the child: "You must take an examination of here in the future, no matter much further, I accompany you. I accompany you..

Years passes, be brought up every day as Wang Qian, she also is shown increasingly in the endowment of art respect come out. 2003, after junior high school graduates, Wang Qian entered oneself for an examination the attached middle school of Chinese academy of fine arts of the attached middle school of the academy of fine arts central of Beijing and Hangzhou.

When just going to Beijing, their person virgin soil is not ripe, most begin, mother and daughter two those who hire is 800 yuan of houses of a month, but from review a place further. After two months, wang Yuhui hears another leaves review the house with closer place to rent, but every months of chummage comparing is original expensive 600 yuan, she is none hesitant and rental come down. However, because at that time " SARS " eruptive, in those days the exam adjourned, wang Yuhui's mother and daughter returns Changchun. When farewell Beijing, it is difficult to rent a house, they are in finally the area telling a state of environs leased a building. Because leave far, day of every Tiangang daybreak, wang Yuhui rises cook breakfast, eat breakfast to taking a daughter to set out, by public transportation, change light course, take the subway, everyday one-way need spends 3 hours, build the 21 last regular bus when to come home again in the evening.

2003, if Wang Qian wishs to check the attached middle school of Chinese academy of fine arts that attended to be in Hangzhou. Wang Yuhui made an important decision again: Abdication, life daily life of the daughter is taken care of in Hangzhou.

Although did not have the job, but Wang Yuhui is compared when going to work, return busy, rise early everyday cook breakfast, send a daughter to go to school, preparative lunch sends the school midday, want to cut painter's paraphernalia of dye of pencil, attune, preparation afternoon, these is about that spend 3 hours. 17 when send dinner, 21 when receive a daughter even next self-study. In addition, return the model that a the mainest job becomes a daughter namely everyday.
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