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The child is received send hard relaxed
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The parent is received send a child to go to school, classes are over, it is nowadays singleton female times a kind special and common social phenomenon. To family of husband and wife both at work, this is a heavy burden. Be in especially breathing space is opposite unfixed unit, receive when sending the child to often forbid. In the meantime, because receive,send the child to be in same time paragraph, road transportation burden is apparently aggravating, in addition still caused a series of society problems, be worth us thoughtful --

The child is received send hard relaxed

September, as new term begin, school doorway much receive one batch send main force. In receiving the process that sends the child, those who having the parent rush about and but, having receive the heavy traffic that sends a car to cause and jam, still appeared even child butt joint sends a car to vie each other wait for a series of phenomena.

Receive send the child, true still not relaxed.

11 days afternoon 3 when make, begin on gate of elementary school of urban square grade lively rose, will receive the person that sends the child to gather to wait here. After 20 minutes, the crowd that receives the child waits to reach all sorts of vehicle to be connected in school doorway piece receive dragon. After half hours, school gate is opened, crowd and car are apparent ground disorder rises, the parent crosses a driveway to emerge to school gate mouth in succession, road surface begins block, pointsman and assist alarm begin to busy...


Receive send the child to have idea each

Receiving in sending main force, have elder member of family, have baby-sitter, also parents kisses those who send to be received oneself. Rise a little receive send the child to go to school this topic, a lot of parents already but worry again: Receive send the child to delay the job, do not receive send fear the child is safe again. Send the class hour on the child every morning, the parent should look after children above all have breakfast, send school gate mouth the child hastily next, hurry to again urgently go to work. Arrive classes are over time, want rapid move to receive the child again.

"Come compared with the child's safety, receive the trouble that sends place to bring to appear not important. " the aspirations that a young mother spoke parents. "I see son son's wife honest too painstaking, put forward to let them send, I will receive. " the golden aunt that lives in the Lv Pu below the urban district originally partakes actively for children accept the job that sends the child, the urban district that she still leases the building in granddaughter to be read designedly builds elementary school near 5 horses campus. "Your son son's wife is really happy, you help. Our home old person is not beside, be forced oneself are received send, do not have next time, still must ask for leave to the leader come out. " Ms. Chen that the station awaits by and husband are husband and wife both at work, heard the word of golden aunt, she reveals an envy and helpless expression.
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