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The child errs, how are you taught

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The parent can undertake praising the education with criticism to the child everyday. If critical method is undeserved, not only cannot have due educational effect, can injure the child's proper pride and self-confident heart instead, form abandonment or traitorous disposition.

One signs for " fruit fruit Mom " the parent is written in the letter, on the educational issue after the child errs, there is an a knot in one's heart all the time in my heart, do not know to want to use why to plant means will admonish the mistake that he commits the child.

For this, this edition organized a group of texts, how does help parent teach the child that err scientificly, make parental education becomes the motive force that the child grows, obstacle of and rather than.

Decent criticism

Ought not to vacancy

Zhang Yuguang


The child is in growing process, do not make a mistake impossibly. The child is wrong, those who need the parent is active guide, decent is criticized even if a kind guide actively, it conduces to the child learning choice, society to abandon.

"Criticism " these two words, judging is approved premise. So, criticizing the first proper limits for speech or action that the child should master is, when you think criticism, should clear up oneself first desire " batch " of the child " mistake " , whether be real mistake. I discover, some parents think the child made " wrong " , huffish to them, it is to result from the understanding deviation of oneself or be itself is unjustifiable, child of and rather than made a fault. For instance, the child because the sentiment is intense, the exam suffers a defeat, the parent censures with all possible means to the child; Child honour often loves young, the old person gives offer one's seat to sb on fair car, some parents also can criticize the child... such, can let the child feel inequity, reduce to your degree of belief; The child dispute that still can make age small watchs faintness.

The 2nd proper limits for speech or action that wants an attention does not visit exterior appearance only namely, approve madly to finish sth. And must enquire the child " why to meet so do " , patient ground listens attentively to the child's sound, such, can understand the entire process that the child errs already, still be helpful for weighing in the hand the property of child mistake and degree, for next education develops directional, fixed position. In the meantime, also expressed your respect to him, conduce to the education of child proper pride. To introversion, be concerned about face-saving, lesser or courage is special fear parental child, should enquire compatibly especially, listen attentively to. Of course, the child's tone, expression should notice when the inquiry, discover a few " the sound outside the word " , help parent undertakes an analysis.

Domestic education is an art, critical child should pay attention to a method particularly. In this respect, I raise following proposal:

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