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My naturalistic education law
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"My mom the buttock bleeds to cannot come so today! " the son is 7 that year years old, his so loud answer makes be in at that time my in the swimming-pool colleague Jing be ashamed, after the event blames my doing continuously should say so clearly with the child.

But I feel this it doesn't matter, as a person, should understand the physiology common sense of a few human body as a child, pretend to be mystery to be able to bring needless curiosity and wrong trial only.

Before still remembering a few years, in the office, we year of eldest sister of nearly 50 tell us, her son has how pure, read an university, the blood that saw mom period accidentally fears greatly to breathe out small cry, think person of the what in the home got a serious illness. Eldest sister is like very proud appearance, but I feel her son simply too ignorant, some are funny.

This allows two man students in the class when I think of I read junior high school. Ask about the thing about menstruation to adjacent desk girl unexpectedly once, beg her to the picture comes out and explain in detail even. The girl was drawn also told, still told us this thing, then, the girl is regarded as " flirtatious " , the boy is regarded " scampish " , meet with quite in class censure.

I am not willing my son is pure to ignorance, also not be willing because be curiosity and he is regarded to be scampish what make this field really even is wrong and bungle is lifelong.

As other children, he discovered a problem on the pose of pee: "Mom, why should you sit pee? " " because I do not have the chickling chicken as you. " say very regretfully in the child in very long period of time then: "The woman is really poor. " my fellow was born as it happens a daughter, it is long that I take him to visit little little sister designedly what kind of.

Regular meeting of my son classics follows me 67 years old ago or his father bathes together, natural meeting raises more questions: For instance mom has very big breast why father is done not have, why to Your Excellency the certain place of the body can have so much Mao Mao to wait a moment. The different job that I seize the opportunity to tell him the mankind to the man in breed and feminine place are assumed, the place that tells him hairiness wool is the very significant position in person body, mao Mao's action protects them namely.

We still go later little the library borrows a few about growing the book of development, the body that invites child him understanding foretells to change those who come.

Now my child can the physiology appearance that unusual calm ground handles others and him, "The buttock of my mom bled today. " he knows I will be tiredder in those days with respect to can active side I do a few chore.

He is looking forward to himself to be brought up some more quickly, also can mention a class to go up with me now and then who who had grown hair of a lot of wool, who who everybody has Adam's apple.
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