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How do you reward the child?
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Learn well to let the child, health grows, parents often can think all sorts of way. They often meet promise child " before if take an exam this,the mark ranks classes or grades in school 10, father takes you to eat Kendeji, mom to be bought to you be out of shape King Kong... " believe this National Day can have many parents busy move cashs to the child " promise " . Recently, ministry of our newspaper monograph received the incoming letter of digital parent, tell about them " promise " the worry later. Answer to should not give child material award after all, how the problem such as award, becoming the another focus topic that the parent enquires.

A parent says: "... my child goes up first one. Learn well to can let him, we made an award system: At ordinary times before quiz 10, award 50 yuan; Before 5 reward 100 yuan; Before final is entered 5, can promise his requirement. Begin to return true canal to use, he comes home to read a book, review homework. But time grows, the child goes the mood that learns wearily now apparently. We are forced to relax promotive dimension, make him easy win award, but look the effect is not big still... but anxious is dead we! But look the effect is not big still... but anxious is dead we!!

Actually, a lot of parents have the bewilderment of above mother: Give the child money, substance at every turn promise and reward, begin really be successful, but be like person meaning very much slowly. Have adverse effect sometimes even, bring about the child beyond the mark pursuit to loaves and fishes, development regards the chip that exchanges award as study to the child.

Reader friends, award has material, invigorative also. How do you reward the child at ordinary times? The effect how? What experience or lesson and everybody are shared? Welcome you to be participated in with literal form discuss. E-MAIL: Wzph2000@163.com