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The child that lets introversion blossoms smile
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Term begins much in January, those who passed anxious making a person " suit into garden period " hind, the focus that parents pay close attention to gathered together again on truck issue of the child. Especially a few introvert children, how to blend in collective as soon as possible, make a good friend, become the issue that the parent cares most.

Actually the child's disposition is inherent, do not have the cent of stand or fall. Want to improve indrawn disposition of the child, cooperate closely besides the teacher outside, the key still depends on parents be in educational process, do not create the pressure of mentally to the child, and the disposition that should be the child is optimistic and active the condition with advantageous creation. A few the following small strategy can offer reference:

1, insist to send the nursery school on the child, can be so in collective life endure take exercise, learn to interact with the companion, go up personally from other little girl learn a lot of things.

2, offer the child active psychological suggestion. Be like,do not use " the child bullies you to do not have " , " the teacher criticizes you today " the language that waits for a kind, avoid the child to always be in the weak or passive position in mentally. At ordinary times, often can list a few his bold action, if give or take an injection,do not cry, sleep alone, admit one's mistake etc.

3, let go let child freedom amuse oneself. Some parents wait for apprehension to neat, sanitation of the child, safety overmuch, restrict child play consequently, manacled the child's individual character. The child loves to play the sand, mud, seeper after stepping on rain particularly, can change old clothes to him, let him play to the top of one's bent.

4, treat the child patiently, do not raise exorbitant requirement. To craven behavior of the child, if dare not slip slide, jump skip bed, conversation dare not wait aloud, want to control oneself emotion as far as possible, do not do too strong reaction.

5, choose case of 9 individual character for the child husky, age compares optimistic, body he slightly a bit older young associate. Let the child often be together with these 9 young associate amuse oneself, such small companionate conference makes the child has OK and imitated small model.