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Zhang Xueyou pushs the job to become full-time grandma pa
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12 days morning 7 when, the reporter calls piece of stable-companion assistant know, zhang Xueyou is reviewing in the home nurse, change diaper, fool darling to sleep 3 Yo basic skill.

Original, firm end melodrama " snow wolf lake " the show of Hong Kong, zhang Xueyou turns all announcement, hide into the home, set his mind at to wait for charming wife and a pair of daughters are accompanied in the home, act as 24 hours full-time grandma pa.

2 daughters will precious jade on March 24 this year Jing is born, zhang Xueyou again Rong Sheng's father. In melodrama " snow wolf lake " make one's rounds acts in, every time after the show ends, zhang Xueyou does not attend victory meeting, answer Hong Kong by air directly, come home to be nursed to the daughter to drive only, change diaper, not hesitate even sacrificial Morpheus, displease a friend.

Speak of feed daughter, zhang Xueyou also has quite much experience, feed daughter gets him speak bluntly particularly purposely, "Give the child warm milk, must notice to disinfect nipple and feeder first, want to do everyday, try temperature with the mouth even. " Zhang Xueyou says.

Zhang Xueyou throws total energy now cradle young female on, but still treasure firstborn daughter to precious jade China, he says: "My daughter preciouses jade China this year already 5 years old, kindergarten holds the parent to meet meeting, no matter I am much busier, want to attend in Hong Kong only. Dan Yaohua does not understand, why I go the parent, scream with respect to meeting somebody, return somebody round me, want sign one's name, what do she does not know me do, come home I am about to explain father to her is a star. Come home I am about to explain father to her is a star..

The family in Zhang Xueyou heart is the first forever, to mix wife Luo Meiwei cradles jointly daughter, enjoy family life to the top of one's bent, zhang Xueyou states he can be in the 53rd " snow wolf lake " after troupe ends, exit formally " snow wolf lake " show, recursive family accompanies family. Accordingly, capital gymnasium performed on January 7, 2006 " snow wolf lake " will be Zhang Xueyou edition " snow wolf lake " leave show.

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