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Award - penalty: Train good deed of the child
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The doggie can calculate arithmetical, parrot to learn to cycle. The spectacular performance that these circuses star is to use " award - penalty " method " aggrandizement " those who come out: Accomplished the behavior of the requirement, feed it to nod eating; otherwise, smoke lash. The person cannot be moved simply in that way like the animal completely of course religion, but " award is punished " aggrandizement action is euqally significant. Not only the child, adult is same also, you had been behaved in working unit, the stake that takes is much, perhaps judged advanced, can maintain good performance easily.

The behavior of aggrandizement child, a basic premise is: Below the premise that loves the child, all requirement; of not contented child should use these requirements to serve as a condition, as fortifier, will foster good deed of the child.

Award: Arouse the child good performance

Should apply effectively award, him parent should master a few chip at any time in the hand, the child's very special need, conceivable thing. This includes 3 fields, be material respectively, if the child thinks eating food particularly, of particularly conceivable toy; activity, if give the child taletelling, look after children go out to play, allow the child to see TV wait; and spirit a moment, if the child is done admiringly to giving, praise, father mother is behaved very gladly to wait a moment, regard promotive content as them, use when training child good deed.

After showing a good deed when the child, the need that the parent can expedite the chip in the hand to let him gets the child rewards content to get further satisfaction; temporarily, natural meeting shows this further good deed. For instance, arrived to have a meal time, the child cannot go up on time dining table, went up dining table also cannot have a meal well, can say good condition with the child: "You want to buy a toy, good, as long as you have a meal on time when serve a meal everyday, eat well, the day is accomplished Sunday, buy to you. Buy to you..

To cheeper, it is the directest and effective that this kind of material rewards the toy. But the parent also should notice, it is the most elementary award after all, as the child grow, want to reward change to mobile sex award and spirit gradually. Carry out a proof, tie 3 kinds of kind often rise, the effect will be better.

Penalty: Correct the child bad behavior

Penalty, it is the tweak that corrects child bad mistake from another angle. Have 4 kinds of kind normally: It is acceptance of cancel material sex, the toy that if pack up the child,likes, do not give buy the toy that has promised so to wait. In as above exemple, the toy was bought, the child's purpose was achieved, restored former model again, the parent can continue to raise a requirement: "Although the toy was bought, but you should have a meal well, ability plays to you casually, do not have a meal well, the toy closes. " ; 2 it is cancel activity acceptance, if do not look after children play, do not tell the; such as the story that promises to tell so to the child 3 it is spirit on temporary " recall " the love to the child, go up like criticism, reprimand, affection desolate wait; a moment 4 it is physical punishment, if close the child in the house,must not come out activity, punish a station to be beaten and scold even etc. The negative effect that nevertheless physical punishment produces is very big, the parent should avoid to use as far as possible.
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