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Olympic Games champion is such Yo so
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Fu Mingxia---Champion of woman diving tower

In Feburary 2003, fu Mingxia gives birth to next girl -- Liang Siyu;2004 year in December, fu Mingxia gives birth to next boy again -- Liang Hao fine. She ever had seen her to the daughter the kinescope that diving tower gained the championship 1992, daughter know a mother, she feels very surprizing. "The daughter returns pretty to like dabble, but I won't foster them into the athlete painstakingly, the father that I hope the child resembles them more in that way. " Fu Mingxia can accompany the nursery school on the daughter, that is an English nursery school that has had 70 old histories, for a year old much daughter chooses a such nursery school, besides development intelligence, she still hopes the daughter learns to share in collective environment, she cares the surroundings influence to the child and family. "There is a beach to still have seawater near abode, close nature is tonsorial to the child's heart Yo is very helpful.

Deng Yaping---Women's singles, women's doubles champion

"Want your integrity only, kind-hearted, hardheaded, hold to without giving thought to or abandon, mom supports. Mom supports..

Ordinary and honest speech backside, real secret depends on: On her person means of livilihood, deng mom uses this tender mother love to support her to struggle all the way namely. After she becomes a mother, this is full of and affectionate the profession even if accompanies the child to grow best gift of the love of simple sureness.

"The child, I feel suitable its are natural. " the future that she still looked into the child, she says: "Will come as to this child whether successful, I not quite importune, but do not increase chaos to the society at least, I am this standard. I am this standard..

Gao Min---Woman gangplank champion

Acute acute He Chaochao is " diving empress " two baby son of Gao Min. Two sons natural disposition is one article one fierce: Elder brother Chen Rui is 12 years old, just attended junior high school, study result is exceedingly good, arrogate to oneself solves science department to inscribe, after be brought up, want to become a doctor or game programming division Little brother; exceeds exceed 10 years old, still reading elementary school, athletic talent is high, especially indulge football, the in that way international star inside the God Henry that dreaming to be able to become oneself in the future, Xiaoluo, Qi Da. More or less does acute acute He Chaochao have some of sports cell, this and the genetic gene that come from Gao Min are concerned. Have a diving champion mother, everybody hopes brother two the road that also can be on diving, jump out to be combined to brotherly two-men of China, dan Gaomin does not agree anyhow. "Want me to send what the son goes eating me before the sort of suffering, I am not done at all. I can be brought up quickly with respect to hope son adult, finish a college earlier. Gao Min says. Gao Min does not make son major experienced dive, the young son that did not think of athletic talent is outstanding however still fell in love with sports, to the football especially enchanted. As a mother, the Gao Min that teachs a concept to affect by the west wants to will be opposite the child's love, body gives his enough comfortable environment to go up now. "The child likes to let him what do, what what I want to do is the advantage that offers this respect as far as possible for him, do not set needless barrier to him. " Gao Min speaks of let a son express, oneself do not count on a son to if wish,can become international star really, hope to move through the football only, the spirit that can let a child is centered in a healthy and proper domain, exercise its physique, harden oneself its heart annals, let him learn to found the life, enjoy the life. "My parents bets my life completely was in on diving, I am the child body that does not want to use such gamble means me again absolutely goes up, I won't will exceed the life that exceed to bet a football to go up completely. The road it may be said of the football that Gao Min is on possibly to son future is big give the green light, raised a requirement exclusively only: The university must be read. "I feel, want the desire that is him only I support him, to the child should such. It is particularly good that I still have a son to read, want to become a doctor later, I am particularly gratified also. " the growing way that Gao Min experience lives Chinese tradition to teach the child below mode, but this had not been agreed with for her what reside abroad for years. "I know China severity of a lot of parental family education also are to think it is good to be the child I also say not clear they teach a thought after all with mine to who who is wrong, but the practice that I can hold to me. " Gao Min says, "My hope can hear him to be watched to my education from son mouth of 30 years old in the future approbate. "My hope can hear him to be watched to my education from son mouth of 30 years old in the future approbate..
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