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Xian Dongmei ablactations to the child ahead of schedule for the Olympic Games (
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August 2008, chinese Beijing, on judo competition ground, a piece of familiar face broke the calm of judo stage, she again all fine athletes on force pressing world, defend crown champion, everybody uncannily the look is cast to she.

She is Xian Dongmei, chinese body champion of Olympic Games of class of the first mom.

Speak of Xian Dongmei, perhaps people most the player that what often associate is that resolute, adamancy on judo field, that lets the judo famous general of all adversary be terrified. But, the people on the stage receiving award that stands to champion of Olympic Games judo again till her also may not understanding, before this dare make the athlete that dare go all out had been a mother of two years old of girls, for the Olympic Games, she what had retired resolutely the choice of definitely reappears, she puts down pair of children miss, ablactation to the child ahead of schedule even, threw training race afresh...

Exit for a time reappear to ablactation to the child ahead of schedule for the Olympic Games

Xian Dongmei reappears already was not first time, the person that is familiar with her knows, she is very firm. She retires for the first time is after 8 carry are met, she takes recapture champion at that time, but her body gains the championship to ensure and take conservative therapy, accentuate in her the condition of an injury in match process.

After 8 carry are met, she accepts an operation in Beijing, left knee is hit into 3 steel to nail in order to to secure Bin bone. The decision after art retires, she began coach career. 9 carry are met, guangdong daughter is soft unmanned, xian Dongmei is in of the leader persuade next reappearing, wei Mian is successful as a result.

After 9 carry are met, guangzhou is in when coach edge by the side of Xian Dongmei body courtyard reads, but very fast the call that she gets national line before the Asia Game again, reappeared the 2nd times to suffer serious injury before contest again, but she magical recapture Asia Game champion.

Athenian Olympic Games gains the championship is the example that she reappears successfully, the Xian Dongmei after the Asia Game is decided by the doctor cannot have continued to be engaged in judo moving, already retired at that time come home the Xian Dongmei of preparatory wedding receives national group to inform, defer wedding to drive go to national group, after practicing hard a year, gain the championship in Athens. After Athenian Olympic Games, xian Dongmei ever brief retire, but 10 carry are met Guangdong team persuaded her to come back again. Prepare for war Beijing Olympic Games, this already was she reappeared the 5th times, reappeared to get get one's own back at long last nowadays.

Xian Dongmei's home is on edge of Guangzhou body courtyard, the balcony of own home can see judo trains a house, just reappeared Xian Dongmei is in the judo house of body courtyard to train namely, "At that time she (Xian Dongmei) the daughter has 4 months only, had not ablactationed formally, we often see Liu Bo is holding a daughter in the arms to stand on the balcony to look at judo house, bub does not cry to also be troubled by, quite good. " a judo coach of Guangzhou tells a reporter, "Await us to also be touched quite in those days, we still joke with Liu Bo, your daughter estimates again grown place, know judo is how to return a responsibility, this makes grab from baby. This makes grab from baby..
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