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The infantile room of star is rare costly
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Tom Kelusi one extraction bound

For daughter Suri, with one one's heart of it may be said of Ke Lusi of soup Mu · endeavors, besides patting play to earn milk powder Qian Zhi hard, spent 10 thousand 1 1000 pound to decorate BB room. Kitty is in company of things of a famous baby of Hollywood to sweep money recently, bought many BB articles for use, include value 2, monitor of the BB bed of 800 pound, BB and milk powder bag. Merchant says: "Be like all mothers that person parent is first in that way, she is bought at the same time ask me at the same time, ' what do I still have to need to buy? Never had bought before! ' "

In addition, the origin to Suri of name of daughter of A soup brother reachs the external world the explanation is eristic in succession, somebody is kicked recently explode Suri is to be commemorative science denomination actually deceased hierarch L. The place that Ron Hubbard ever had stayed in -- Surrey and those who rise.

Mai Dangna

The Maidangna after day of American happy altar adopted in Malawi recently after a boy with 13 big months is defended greatly, in the home of los angeles, cost 1. 50 thousand pound prepared the bedroom of an Africa style to David, the infantile bed that defends those who sleep is 1700 pound greatly, those who use is the bedding of 506 pound, change make water piece when meet those who lie in 1315 pound change make water piece on the desk. According to the report, the person that has seen this room says, the flavour of African prairie was full of in the room. Star of Hollywood of this a period of time likes the infantile house of African gust it seems that, anjilina. Zhu Li and Bulaide. Pete's daughter is born in Africa, have the feeling that come home to let a daughter, so her room also is decorated for the theme with Africa.

Home Lu Ni new names " candied box " infantile room costs 1 million pound

Lu Ni is in Mancunian around bought bridal chamber, the house is located by of Home Ferguson, of the house costly the place that be like a person thinks, light is those who purchase cost to have 3.5 million pound is gigantic. Lu Ni prepares to raise the child in this house, he is building infantile house curtilage for a person of extraordinary powers, not hesitate for this again prodigal 1 million pound.

According to England " the sun signs up for " divulge, october 24 is Lu Ni's birthday. Lu Ni now 18 years old, father is 40 years old, the mother is 37 years old, that is to say when Lu Ni is born father is 22 years old, the mother has 19 years old only. The family that has tradition of marring too early from this is walked out of, lu Ni also should want the child. Bub also is so those who do, a person of extraordinary powers of the 3.5 million pound that he just buys to oneself curtilage dissatisfactory, main reason does not have infantile room namely. To give prospective child a space, lu Ni nots hesitate to spend at least 1 million pound again, and be entered one year late live will rebuild this is called by him " candied box " palace.
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