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Xian Dongmei ablactations to the child ahead of schedule for the Olympic Games (
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Restoring a daughter difficultly is to train the greatest power

the athlete that is opposite to had retired, it is difficult still to restore to appear to compare capturing champion, although she is Olympic Games champion. Because 14 months do not have training, put on the Xian Dongmei that take to return afresh not quite suit, what she should face above all is weight problem, because do not have systematic training for long, xian Dongmei's weight has risen 63 kilograms, previously, xian Dongmei is individual can restore to compare slow athlete, more what is more,the rather that 14 months did not train, once feel climb boil dozen abrupt to her very unfamiliar, on cushion then turn a somersault became her to search feeling the stupiddest also is a kind of the directest way.

Just reappeared to be met then, xian Dongmei is in the judo house on home side to train, company is beside her, it is the young team member that she takes, she compares these team member people should go up many years old 10 greatly, she is team member people the God in the heart. Double training quantity of Xian Dongmei is other team member, it is to wait for team member every time people after leaving, xian Dong Meicai begins to loosen, hammer of the steel in left leg knee had followed her 5 years, once carry momentum is too big, nail can remind host their existence.

After loosening, xian Dongmei throws all pain in the house, but see all exhaustion forget the daughter. Perhaps be the daughter's encouragement, competition ground of Xian Dongmei regain used the time of 3 months only, the Guangdong August 1 adds a city, the Xian Dongmei that reduces 11 kilograms of weight obtains national champion to surpass champion of 52 kilograms of class, gain the championship the following day, xian Dongmei is driven go to national judo team to report for duty, xian Dongmei is fastened from the husband so female, oneself Olympic Games dream began in Beijing.

Leave home outer can give a daughter taletelling with video only

During national group seals example, xian Dongmei follows outside contact rarely, forbid to take a mobile phone when training present, her mobile phone is to close plane position normally. Taking a suit exhaustion to return a dormitory everyday nevertheless, throw the thing in the hand, the first thing is gone to rapidly namely call in the home, hear a telephone call that daughter Yi prattles, relaxed a lot of. Marital Liu Bo takes the daughter technically still to Beijing to look to Xian Dongmei from Guangzhou. Besides, xian Dongmei often still gets online to chat with marital video, the word that need not have treatment still can be by computer to daughter taletelling. Xian Dongmei's daughter has a lovely habit now, telephone in home of in every case, she is worn with respect to talk about again and again " mom " . No matter who hands her the phone, she also can cry " mom " . In her concept, the phone is representing mom to look for his.

"Although everyday train very overworked, but after the smile that sees the child is lovely, all exhaustion and trouble after be being cast in the head. The daughter gave me the courage that hold on and power. " bub is very sensible, when mom is absent, do not cry to be troubled by, extremely good, gave Xian Dongmei very big comfort.
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