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Make child drain undesirable more mood
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Children and adult often have mood change euqally, such as anger, grief, disappointed, fear to wait. The mental health that maintains the child must make the child measurable drain. Drain is heart of Shu San, confide is medium accumulate gloomy, the discomfort such as the grievance that lets him confide of ground of child incisively and vividly, depressed, complaint and resentment, make its achieve psychological balance.

Moderate land lets child drain, have profit to their physiology and psychology. If child heart accumulates gloomy and discomfort mediumly to cannot get drain for a long time, do not center with respect to meeting attention, behavior inflexible, have a button missing, mind is depressed, human the concern is intense, serious when can mix to child individual family and even bring a harm. Some children make trouble, leave, commit suicide, because,be undesirable mood cannot drain causes.

Accordingly, parents had better take out a few minutes of time and child lay one's heart bare everyday, promotional feeling. Let the child become you already only parents, become a friend again, the child just can tell the truth to you, confide is unhappy. When lay one's heart bare, should notice at 2 o'clock, it is parents wants absorption, inside this time parents must not read TV, newspaper, can each other are opposite and talk. 2 it is parents often should touch the child, close close child, let the child can experience love really, momently in the spring breeze that bath is loving.