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Two " additional kind of mother " Yo classics
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This paragraph of day, two mothers get people attention quite.

Olympic Games competition ground, the United States swim be in Feierpusi " water is cubic " the myth that creation seizes card of 8 gold nugget repeatedly, after gaining the championship, he spanks on the mother that bleachers kisses tear to be filled with the socket of eye. Feierpusi ever was a your poll the much imp using disease that ache, the teacher thinks this child won't have what prospect even, but the mother does not abandon him, discovered his outstanding natant talent. Still having a mother is writer Chi Li, she carries new book " come, the child " book of Shanghai of be a guest is exhibited, to reader prate Yo classics. Her daughter in one's childhood also because such and such " problem " often be brought a lawsuit against by the teacher, but the mother holds to him " happy education law " , daughter education grow into useful timber.

Make much time, our parent and teacher are used to a child to inspect automation line to go up " spare parts " , with the means of batch standardization develops a person with ability, and ignoring the child is an independence is individual. The person's ability is diversification, memory beautiful, comprehension is a kind of ability very, start work ability strong or athletic capability is strong also be a kind of ability. As the parent and teacher, want to be good at discovering the child's potential talent, build a condition to let " bud " break ground.

Afore-mentioned two mothers place face, not be the good child in traditional idea, poppet, still perhaps be " problem child " . Their commendable place depends on liberal at onefold, lay viewpoint of value, understand the nature that respects the child, admire the child's individual character. The homework that Feierpusi is in the school is C mostly, still have a few D, but he shows scene however on gym and manual labor class, mom is pride with this. Chi Li often makes a daughter some more time amuse oneself, learn below happy mood. She ever still planned, if the daughter is not taken an examination of,attend a college, go a cafeteria, because of mother and daughter two like cooking, "The labor that relies on oneself lives, it is decent job " .

Child become a useful person, be not only " assiduous study -- , one's deceased father attend famous brand college -- , seek a share good job " this one road. The beautiful more healthy, beautiful, enthusiastic ground of the life that how lets the child " blossom " ? Two " additional kind of mother " Yo bring a few enlightenment via may giving you.