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Self-confident life begins from the child
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A lot of example prove, some cheeper become more and more self-abased, a main reason is parents spend upland requirement child with the condition of perfect creed, the child may be surrounded to be in criticism and even the ocean that grouse everywhere constantly, grow this, self-confidence may lose almost to use up, every do a thing he is in subconscious in often can make to oneself negative " I am no good " " my ideas is bad to make " " others does not like me namely " etc. The child needs to get the motive power with ongoing indispensable place from the self-approval with ceaseless mentally. And to self-abased child, want to cast off self-abased shadow, establish self-respect and self-confidence, self-approval is undoubted more important. A few be the self-approval of help child society that the expert puts forward below go easily simply the method of effective:

Reduce the demand to the child appropriately

Treat the child that already had self-abased mentality, parents should reduce the demand to the child appropriately. If the child drew a horse, so you had better not nag too much here is bad, over there unlike, and the place of the each success that answers the child gives the admiration that discover and makes from the bottom of one's heart: "Look, that ponytail is drawn really well, seeming is to be in like dance waving in wind! " or " your color for Ma Tu is really beautiful! I dare say this can be the Ma Er that runs the most quickly on the world! I dare say this can be the Ma Er that runs the most quickly on the world!!

Those who need ambitious shift is, you should let the child feel: You are cordial completely to the child's admiration, is not payable, of polite formula, should not be affectation more, feigned. To achieve such goal, you must be made on thoughtway adjust, in state on exquisite art.

Actually, the first goal that lets self-abased child learn self-approval is namely: Help child is obtained from inside his behavior satisfy and motivation. We should let the child know: Do this thing that do, and had done it, this itself succeeds namely, also be best to oneself affirmation.

Change praised subject

A when make the child much make self-approval method that goes to the lavatory the simpliest is all praising subject that changes you to make to the child: As long as " I " change " you " , " we " (parents) to you (the child) praise transform you (the child) praise to oneself. This kind of simple change can the action that more sufficient effectively allows the child to realise his is correct, removing a kind to increase admiring to the child result actually consequently. Be like: "You had so tall building with building blocks lid today, I feel proud for you really! " but instead: "You had so tall building with building blocks lid today, you felt for oneself certainly proud! You felt for oneself certainly proud!!

Encourage child establish definite view

Parents is OK raise of much to self-abased child tabulation, but someone else (include young associate people) can not accomplish this completely certainly however. They are met probably " truth fact says " , can nag intentionally probably, acid even and satiric. In addition, the child depends on the commment of others forever impossibly, and the motive force that should rely on him heart sooner or later is progressive. Some children depend on the praise of adult completely, approbated even how oneself not to know. If such child was brought up to become a player, that gives a ball every dozens possibly to be able to look round when the match the look that sees a drill -- the player that he becomes nature to mature hard. Might as well the proper place that points out him, remind him to need not value the comment of others overly next.
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