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Close child read " 3 paces music " (2)
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The 3rd pace: End -- successive, let the child learn to be read independently

Want those who rear the child to read capability, want to let the child learn to be read independently above all. On the foundation that leads in gout, the child had read interest certainly, also accumulated a few read experience, also review in exert a subtle influence on a few read skill basically. At this moment, we should dare to let go, encourage the child to be read independently independently.

1, the child is read oneself, knife of first try ox

Above all, we should select relevant reader according to the child's interest, content is some simpler, the clue is vivid and some more interesting, so that let the child can have fun at,look, this is helpful for what the child reads confidence building. Be read actively to attract the child, before reading, we can make proper clew, let the child taking problem and be concerned about to cast the development of story clue. Be like a fox this kind of animal, in the story, it always cheats the person's figure to appear with tricky, love. In guide the child to be read oneself " the cock of golden pheasant coronal " when this one story, we might as well clew: "The fox loves to eat chicken most, are you guessed what story can you produce between it and cock? " such, the child is met down already some experience, to the incident of the story development has speculation, be helpful for the child read and understand.

2, close child read, show a labyrinth

Of the child read oneself, just be the process of an initial perception, sometimes the child may be understood a few, may run completely sometimes problem, be themselves achieve make up. Anyway, it is their reading achievement after all, the parent should give above all affirm and encourage, let them experience joyance, establish confidence. Read jointly with the child again next among them of oversight or the part that does not understand, show a labyrinth for the child. In the meantime, the means that uses a query guides cheeper to observe the detail in the picture, encourage cheeper to come out with his language description, make a story more vivid, raise child further own reading ability.

3, guide doubt, coruscate is wonderful

Douyun of a lot of stories contains certain sense, read an end, we should be contrary to to raise a question at the development of the character of child knowledge experience and incident to having in work, cause the child to ponder over doubt, accept education. For instance " the cock of golden pheasant coronal " this one story, after reading, we should discuss with cheeper: "Why is the cock always caught by the fox? " should let the child know: What do not want stranger of believe what one hears is fair-spoken, do not accept the gift of stranger. In the meantime, we can let the child make up oneself " continuation " : If you are the cock of golden pheasant coronal, how will the fox do? How can you appeal? Make the child sufficient develop an imagination, continuation gives the wonderful sections and chapters that belongs to themselves. Perhaps, the story of children is not so logical, the language is very puerile still, but anyway, should give encourage. Because this kind reads the creation process after, brought joy and progress for the child.
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