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Parental manner affects child disposition
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Ignore cold heat up darling easy angst to become practice suddenly

Professor Zhang Zhigang expresses, father of infant period mother cradles the child's means can affect the child grown the following human mode.

A few young father and mother foster the child to do not have experience, hate darling sometimes, or aloof darling, feel to be opposite again sometimes darling, it is cuddle it is close. Result, because be opposite darling ignore cold heat up suddenly, the manner is fugacious, do so that darling does father of not clear mother to be able to be in when with why be being planted means responds to need of its body and mind, this makes little baby angst becomes practice easily, bring about the child to develop a contradictory angst in the future model human mode. Professor Thiel-Bonney also discovers, some parents pay close attention to his preference only, did not estimate the need of darling however, actually " the stimulation that is opposite to darling in right time " just be best. If darling became hungry, you pat him to sleep; Or darling thinks have fun, you are extortionary however have a thing to him, the child can feel disgusted angst.

Have some of young father and mother additionally, especially young mother, because busy,work and unwary company darling, such baby may cry at first be troubled by a requirement to obtain mother love, but because cannot get, gradually the need that they learned to depress love, get more alone, introversion changeably with respect to the look, easy lack is human truck capacity and give love and the ability that accept love, this is evasive model mode. Such person may is opposite because of him depression the need of love, the romantic love that is less than a paragraph of high quality that belongs to oneself searchs likely in lifetime.

Professor Zhang expresses, in front two kinds are commonner wrong Yo means, and safety Yo means is to satisfy infantile body and mind and affective need at any time. Such children just can feel he are valuable, be liked, after be brought up, they establish human trust more easily, association capability is stronger also.