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Dissolve darling psychology scar with safe feeling
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The injury of darling body perhaps can recover from an illness very quickly, but in the heart painful need proper help.
Parental health, reasonably the manner of incident of look upon scar, it is the optimal drug that darling psychology rebuilds.
Darling from inside traumatic experience, meeting consciousness arrives oneself " weak " reach live of the environment " be full of danger " and inimical, these " comprehend " still can exist after the scar of the body recovers from an illness. In addition, darling experiences harm, parental heart is to be full of more self-condemned and repent. Those who rejoice is, through rebuilding safety feels, darling can walk out of traumatic shadow mostly. And the optimal way that help darling psychology rebuilds, it is parental health, reasonably the manner of incident of look upon scar.
Rebuild the safe feeling of darling
Easy of the first pace interprets a sentiment
The suiting of darling ability is limited, fright and fear can be accumulated only put in the heart, accordingly, guide darling easy to allay fright and fear, it is to rebuild the first assignment of safe feeling.
Need is in the Shu Jie of the mood to be understood, admit and undertake below support, also need time help, parents is unfavorable rapid move wants darling to recover from an illness very quickly. Picture of story, toy, picture and game make darling organic can be conveyed experience and idea, when if be in,listening to parental taletelling, darling does not need to review his scar directly, accordingly, they can fall in the state of low angst, the experience of by story leading role and set an example, understand scar and the process that recover from an illness; Through drawing picture and game, darling can express pair of expressive opinion footloosely, let a mood be mixed as doodle libertinism, slowly abreaction.
The 2nd pace rebuilds the ability feeling that protects oneself
In darling growing process, the body that can use oneself gradually and intelligence do a lot of things, this makes they produce a palm to accuse ability feeling of the environment. After experience is traumatic, they are experienced " the environment is danger, oneself are without ward off blows ability " weak feeling, the self-confidence that builds formerly got hit, because this rebuilds,live confidence is the key that recover from an illness.
Level one
On affection: Treat softly
On the action: Let darling do the thing of some of easy competency
Begin, parents is usable the tenderness like treating little baby and good-tempered attend the child, because right now he is met,resemble baby flimsy. Later, parents can do simple thing through letting the child, help him see him ability, if let him decide to want cider or orange juice, although he is used only,nod, shake one's head expression, also show he is more capable than little baby.
Level 2
On affection: Company
On the action: Aid is extended when the child needs to help
Let the child return his familiar life slowly, for instance the picture is drawn, hear a story, see wood of books, accumulation, play a toy, take a walk, swing mom of swing, side to take a chopstick to wait. Ability feeling rebuilds initiative, appropriate choice is finished easily and successful activity and toy, avoid to let him feel a frustration once more, because right now he may be " brittle " ; In the activity, parents is unfavorable and sedulous, excessive speak highly of him, this meeting makes he feels parents wants him " had hastened " . Anyhow, too much guidance and go canvassing, be inferior to accompanying the child to play together silently, aid is extended when he needs.
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