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Life has a salt only
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Emperor of famous entrepreneur, Zhongshan China lights a Huang Qijun of Inc. general manager to had put forward to have in industry know the theory of a salt that the name spends very high, huang Qijun thinks: The resource of any enterprises is finite, if its assimilate to the word of a salt, so the market is just like one caldron soup. If pour this one salt one-timely into boiler entirely, one boiler soup does not feel the likelihood to give what taste, but if Shang Yi bowl a bowl of bail out will put salt again, each bowls taste quite. This should use fund on edge with respect to requirement enterprise. This namely why the matter that the enterprise should make market of target of market of market of one class target, 2 class target, 3 class. Only the salt in handle has been used, company ability is done ceaselessly big.
This word of Huang Qijun makes I recalled life. We come to the world, the thing that thinks pursuit is very much, but the person's ability, energy always is finite, if can have used a salt with only life, our individual progress will be a few greater perhaps, success will be a few greater. Want a life this has used salt, I want to also want to learn to choose good bowl above all, no matter the bowl is big the bowl is small, bowl much bowl is little, the key is to should be chosen accurate. This asks we undertake allowing to decide to life aim. Want to adopt fixed position, come up oneself recognizant concentration in specific target, find out the method that achieves a goal, will Fu Zhu acts actually till the success till.
True life locates, do the thing of own in one's power only forever namely. What understanding is he is done bad, what likelihood comparing understands is him what can have done is more difficult. The person that succeed generally, it is in adolescent period undertook planning to life, defined struggling goal, abandoned with the target not quite relevant hobby, because they know very well, catch two fish hard single-handed, abandoning is to catch the end more closely. If you know perfectly well the hobby of your calligraphy and so on to cannot repair Cheng Zhengguo, be inferior to using intelligent sword cut temporarily, need career success, after withdrawing house second line formally, pick up afresh again remove them.
After defining life goal, we are about to center energy to achieve this one goal. Center energy talent to run more quickly, only dedicated the target at oneself, excelsior, just can make others in ordinary post cannot small smallness outstanding achievement comes. China is manufacturing industry big country, whole world of industrial worker amount the first, but the product that China produces has few number to be able to achieve international only however top-ranking level. It is horological likewise, what China produces is horological can sell 23 drifting prices only, and what Swiss life produces is horological can sell a highest grade price however. It is domestic mechanic likewise, somebody takes salary of hundreds of money every months, somebody can be taken however ten even hundred thousands of yuan yearly salary, inside reason, besides the difference on business management, what still go after the persistent degree of craft and responsibility heart with industrial worker is strong have very big concern infirmly. Zhang Ruimin of president of sea Er group says, accomplish a simple thing everywhere by tens of thousands, do not make mistake, also be a kind of great skill, large contribution. Zhang Ruimin citing says, if let employee of a Japan brush a table 6 times everyday, he can be brushed fastidiously 6 times everyday certainly, and the employee of our China can be brushed the first day 6 times, also can brush 6 times the following day, but the 3rd day can be brushed 5 times, the 4th day may be brushed 4 times only, this is why our enterprise introduced a lot of top-ranking device, and product quality however the account that short of holds a level formerly.
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