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Sleep in the bosom of father warmth
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It is the child likewise, why some accomplish nothing, and some is successful, one of keys depend on parental education. So go up as their life journey allow " teacher " , how should be done? Caress enthusiasticly
The madam of Daigaole of the president before France is in a month before childbirth, unfortunate because of traffic accident at death's door, the ability after the rescue of do all one can that passes a doctor head off a danger, was delivered of An Na smoothly. Took the medicaments of large dose in hospitalization as a result of her however, cause a daughter the child that one advent the world is a slow mental retardation. Face this brutal reality, dai Gaole's couple is without complaint, show loving care for however to the utmost, caress have add, make An Na can enjoy the joy like normal child hard. Once become enamoured ground is opposite Dai Gaole the wife says: "Not be him An Na asks of the world, we two the individual's responsibility, let the child obtain true happiness namely. Although abandon oneself all positions and money, also will not grudge. Also will not grudge..
Create a comfortable and halcyon surroundings to give An Na. Choose and buy of Dai Gaole's couple the residence that is in grace. Appearance looks majesty clinking Daigaole is docile and obedient to the daughter, satisfy its as far as possible each requirement, became a person that can let her exclusively laugh at phonate sound. When An Na plays wearily, often sleep in the bosom of father warmth. After the Second World War erupts, the Daigaole that is forced to leave his native land for a time still takes An Na beside, never depart. His lifetime poor, what is accumulated hardly, build for An Na however had appropriative trust money, with oneself the copyright of compose memoir serves as guaranty. Although An Na lived only between the world 20 age, dan Wei's large male relative of a senior generation caresses the scar that made the same score her heart. The house instead that Dai Gaole has stayed in the daughter before one's death later " install foundation of graceful · Dai Gaole " bureau, go all lengths care and the child that help those mixing install graceful same mental retardation.
Parental love is the truest love between the world, it resembles a tremendous warm current, enough melts the firm ice in child heart, make they leave self-abased, strengthen confidence, aspire grow into useful timber. Education is self-confident
Jackie Welch is a singleton, and be in be born of quack of the ability after parents marries 16 years. But they do not have pair of because of this sons substantially doting, reflect care morely on the capability that promotes him and volition however. They ask the son establishs confidence, master oneself destiny. After the mouth talks, Welch has bit of impediment, however the mother objects very much to this, still praise so even: "The child, you are impediment having a place, however this as it happens explains you love to think, reflection rate is rapidder than talking movement. " fall in maternal encouragement, he was not this one blemish not only and self-abased, turn into its instead a kind of drive, brought self-confidence.
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