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Xian Dongmei ablactations to the child ahead of schedule for the Olympic Games (
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On Athenian Olympic Games, xian Dongmei grabs a gold from inside powerful Japanese hand, obtained woman judo champion of 52 kilograms of class, also achieved the goal that keeps one gold ahead of schedule for Chinese judo team. Xian Dongmei chose to retire after the Olympic Games, had oneself family and child subsequently. And at the beginning of 2007, already Xian Dongmei of 32 years old made reappearing decision however, she continues to attend Beijing Olympic Games even. "Foreign athlete pulls the home to take a mouth to enter world contest very common, but be in China, a lot of life are over the child can choose to retire. The likelihood is in China judo bound, I am only ' mom class ' player. " Xian Dongmei to oneself " mom " the player's identity is very proud.

Natural movement younger sister

Athletic contrail of Xian Dongmei is the same as Liu Xiang to have some of likeness actually, she most the project that begins a practice is tumble, won the second place of tounament of countrywide woman tumble. After passing one year, the coach discovers she is the good young plant of an experienced judo, then Xian Dongmei of 14 years old began formal judo to train in Guangdong physical culture school. The Xian Dongmei with athletic outstanding talent, the championship that countrywide youth judo surpasses was won after two years merely. Later she is successful and selected national judo team.

The level of tactics of Xian Dongmei ability that enters national group had apparent promotion, she began an individual contend for gold to take silver-colored journey. Firm 1995 full Xian Dongmei of 20 years old won Asian tounament second place. 8 carry were met 1997 champion. Champion of games of undergraduate of the 21st world reached 9 carry 2001 meeting champion. Shan Yayun met boiler 2002 runner-up.

Athens becomes famous battle

Through a series of contest ablution, xian Dongmei is even more mature and dovish, made career of her individual motion 2004 a bumper harvest year. She won France to surpass runner-up of tounament of medium champion, Asia publicly early or late in this year, still be in German world cup carries off in contest champion. And Athenian Olympic Games became Xian Dongmei's most ablaze stage, woman in final of 52 kilograms of class, below the circumstance that is not valued by anybody before contest, xian Dongmei costs 66 seconds only, mysterious ground beat Japanese veteran horizontal stroke lustre by expensive, won the gold of a judo with this exclusive Olympic Games for Chinese team.

Beijing Olympic Games reappears to defend crown successfully

The Xian Dongmei of render outstanding service and be famous chooses to reappear even if can defend crown for Beijing Olympic Games. On the road that contends for Olympic Games ticket, already the experience of the powerful actual strength that Xian Dongmei of 32 years old depends on him and Taoist priest is scooped up on Olympic Games trials sufficient integral, success pressing dies Li Ying of champion of bright and beautiful contest and Shi Junjie, set foot on the road of oneself Olympic Games again. Eventually, blue sky does not lose pains, on competition ground of judo of Beijing Olympic Games, xian Dongmei play is outstanding, traded this precious gold with sweat and the temporary give up to the daughter eventually.
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