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Pregnant mother has an apple more, darling is cleverer!
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Introduction: Every parents hopes to be able to give birth to a clever and bright darling. The memory relationship of zinc and person is close, pregnancy filling zinc is very so important. Malic element has " beneficial wisdom fruit " with " memorial fruit " good name, pregnant Mom wants to eat more.

The memory relationship of zinc and person is close. Human body contains zinc although the quantity is not much, make an appointment with 1.5 grams. But, it is the microelement with indispensible human body, the cellular biology that participates in human body directly metabolizes, the oxidation inside human body enzymatic, albumen is decomposed carbonic acid hydrolyze is enzymatic, enzymatic wait to depend on zincic atom to produce effect. Normal person is daily need the zinc from milligram of 12-16 of the complement in food, pregnant woman is daily need is compensatory the zinc of 20 milligram. From be pregnant initial stage begins, fetal the need to zinc mushroom, at ordinary times the zinc of placenta and milligram of 0.75-1 of fetal and daily need. The zincic level of serum of the mother's body is shown in gestation gradually downtrend, this is the cause as a result of haemal dilute on one hand, it is the fall as a result of serum protein content on the other hand.

If pregnant woman is short of zinc, can cause growth of division of sea horse of ministry of fetal pallium brim undesirable, affect fetal and acquired intelligence and memory severely. Short, weight does not increase the figure after the child is born, hair rare decline withered and yellow, skin function of coarse, taste is unusual, occurrence refus is fed or different feeds disease (if take clay or match rod, paper, butt, sand,wait for) . In the meantime, pregnant woman is short of zinc easy head cold, pneumonic, bronchitic reach a variety of diseases such as diarrhoea, and pregnant is inchoate inappetence does not heal continuously. In addition, hematic zinc level still can affect the systole of pregnant woman uterus. Hematic zinc level is normal, the uterus is contractive and strong; conversely, the uterus is contractive and faint, the influence labors normally. Pregnant woman is short of zinc to still can make amniotic fluid lack fights microbial active, can affect the synthesis of ribonucleic acid again, appear piece a variety of what concern with zinc is unusual, like mature fetal weight decreases, growth stagnation, a priori is unbalanced, especially when central nervous system is damaged, appear the congenital heart disease, much bone that send a gender misshapes and next urethral cracking wait for a circumstance. Be like word of low-down of level of zinc of pregnant woman blood, can appear the serious consequence such as abortion or stillborn foetus.

Zinc and protein absorption use a circumstance to matter, zincic intake can affect lay aside allowance of nitrogen. Protein intake is taller, zincic expression is digested rate also heighten, hematic zinc cost is higher also.

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