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The child adores vanity, whose over- ?
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My child since go up after junior high school, outside school uniform must be being worn during besides school rigid the regulation goes to school, the dress on his body is famous brand completely, shoe must Adidasi cannot, common and recreational dress is to be able to bear or endure gram, should pick even leather belt crocodile.

The mobile phone that just bought last year, making a noise to want to change a 3000 yuan new mobile telephone now, say what fell behind, that mobile phone sells at that time 1000 multivariate ah!

Secure his pin money every weeks at ordinary times, since him after rising junior high, pin money of every weeks is 100 yuan, achieve 150 yuan sometimes. But he often says money is used not quite recently, the requirement spends money every weeks more again. We ask him those how to money was spent, he says is sometimes eat Mcdonald's, Kendeji to wait please each other with classmates, see high-quality goods inn namely sometimes some things are good bought. We did not promise him to raise the requirement of pin money, he is enraged so that a few days do not talk with us unexpectedly, still threw a cup, final we compromised.

He does not let me drive now carry him to go to school, let his father carry him only, ask him why. What he says I leave is QQ, lose his outer part, what his father leaves is this cropland, the parental photograph with other classmate is compared, still calculate be able to pass.

His as rich as family circumstances recently classmate contact is more, because inside have result of a few people bad, quality is poorer, so I persuade him to be far from these people, be together with the classmate that has learned more, progress jointly. You are guessed, how does he reply? It is trashy that he says this society has read now unexpectedly, the key is to should have money, rich ability lets a person respect you. Still say those family circumstances in the class not the classmate of beautiful is very much be looked down on, no matter you had learned.

How can my child become such, become such love is peacockish, what idea is there can advise advise he?

The parent of can find no way out

Comment on:

The child has a problem

Introspection education method is proper

□ Shi Caie

When if the parent is the problem of own child to feel,baffling, meditate first whether does oneself educational method have a problem.

Educational group has a such famous remark: The backside of problem child has the parent of undeserved education method certainly. From inside this case, hope parent can review him to whether be put in following undeserved education methods.

1. Undesirable example parents is a the first teacher of the child, parental words and deeds has the effect of exert a subtle influence on to the child. Complain when the parent the child is not famous brand to be not worn, change ceaselessly when novice machine, review oneself: At ordinary times when oneself buy the clothes, often buy famous brand, still often " famous brand " is the speech of and so on hanged in mouth edge to say before the child? The parent often uses a mobile phone is the trendiest, change faster?
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