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Can my darling be healthy? (2)
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How can ability avoid darling deformation?

● antenatal is checked and seek advice hereditarily

The accurate mother that every has one of following cases, be pregnant 4 ~ when 6 months, should undertake antenatal examination and heredity seek advice, undertake relevant antenatal diagnose:

The age is in the accurate mom of 35 years old of above. Because of ovum ageing, chromosome is incidental choppy, produce fetal congenital deformation or congenital I dangerous sex is bigger.

Ceng Sheng does not have a head too, rachis is cracked or other deformation permits mother fetally, after be pregnant again, should undertake antenatal examination and heredity seek advice. Because they bear the dangerous sex of congener and unusual child again,more general accurate mom is gotten high much. Have a habitual abortion, for many times after the accurate mom inside fetal dead palace is pregnant again, want to undertake relevant project is checked. Because this kind of condition is caused unusually by connubial one party or bilateral chromosome likely, be pregnant again, still can appear monster.

Familial in the accurate mother that has disease of congenital metabolization sex, or accurate him mom ever had borne little patient of metabolization sex disease. Pregnancy should do antenatal examination and heredity to seek advice.

Connubial both sides all is patient of anaemia of the sea in same cultivate land.

Be pregnant inchoate, the accurate mother that ever had had the virus such as virus of afterbirth of nettle rash, large and small, pure bleb to affect. Because easy infection gives fetal happening deformation, all should make relevant inspection.

Pregnancy is reached to raise pet before pregnant and often contact the accurate mom of pet. Pet, especially cat, be arched body disease infect a source. The baby that after accurate mom is affected, is delivered of may suffer from the deformation such as calcify of hydrocephalus, head, congenital blindness.

Pregnant is inchoate the medicaments that ever took a likelihood to send fetal deformation, or the accurate mom that had accepted radiation to diagnose or treats. Want to undertake antenatal examination and heredity seek advice, undertake relevant antenatal is diagnosed.

● allows the check-up before mom and accurate father do pregnant

Giving birth to a healthy darling is not from ovum be fertilized begins, at the beginning of be being generated from maternal ovum and father spermatozoon however, began. To ensure ovum is mixed the health of spermatozoon, accurate parents should undertake the check-up before pregnant, a lot of families can accomplish accurate mom check-up now, but the check-up that aims father still knows inadequacy. The examination before pregnant should let a doctor understand bilateral and familial birth situation, whether does examination both sides have heredity disease and contagion, venereal etc, if have these,the disease should defer to be pregnant.
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