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Children toothpaste tastes thick meeting damages taste bud
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According to report of Xinhua News Agency a lot of children toothpaste manufacturer play taste card greatly, use all sorts of fruit ingredient in great quantities in toothpaste, use in order to attract the child. But the expert reminds, these raw material that produce fruit ingredient are not to come from natural fruit almost, however artificial complex material, can cause an effect to child body development not only, and its taste the taste bud development that meets pair of children produces very big effect strongly.

Director of dentistry of children of accessary stomatological hospital Dr. Yao Jun says Fujian medical university, taste bud stimulates next meetings for a long time to become slow in intense flavour, should eat more Xian Gengtian's food just can find flavor, increase so that hypertension and diabetic danger meet so.

Additional, toothpaste group is popular still now " glacial bright " one word, yao Jun expresses, alleged " glacial bright " the cool and refreshing feeling that comes out with field mint stimulation namely, this can make the feeling of taste bud becomes slow likewise. In the meantime, children toothpaste make it " strawberry flavour " and " fragrant citrus flavour " wait, can affect taste to still meet revulsive child not only by accident pharynx, the contamination that brushs a lot of material that should not enter human body and dental face takes put oneself in another's position inside.

The fluorine that occupies drop of report of Xinhua News Agency has the effect that prevents tooth of eat by moth, but fluorine excessive can cause fluorine toxic. Dr. Yao Jun suggests to use the toothpaste that contains xylose alcohol to prevent tooth of children moth or any other insect that eats books.