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Mature baby need not additional " into fill "
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The baby that mature labors is additional aggrandizement nutrition, can bring about grow rate is too rapid, increase risk of disease of grown and late unripe heart and vessels. Yesterday, reporter from have hospital of Jiangchen much home the infantile nutrition that paediatrics doctor attends understands on program seminar, the baby is inchoate be not it is better to grow more quickly, slower growth is helpful for the health henceforth instead.

Be taught by AlanLucas of director of research center of London children nutrition and be the same as aid hospital on the seminar of give a lecture of Luo Xiaoping of paediatrics chairman doctor, experts were accepted consistently " infantile period nutrition will affect lifelong health " viewpoint. A doctor says, he has examined in outpatient service firm full the darling of 4 months, height weight amounts to mark fitly, but rapid however move wants father mother to add that this nutriment, health care to taste to him, reason is: "How was weighed than other child? Grow lagged behind? Grow lagged behind??

Professor Lucas points out, nutrient key is to emphasize satisfying nutrient requirement previously, prevent the shortage of nutriment. The last few years, this kind of idea produced fundamental change, medicine considers to make clear, inchoate nutrition has the baby " program " effect, it is dangerous to can affect the cardiovascular disease henceforth element, cognitive ability, skeletal health. This has a group of paradox among them: The nutrition of infantile high level and grow beneficial to cerebrum development, but increase cardiovascular disease is dangerous henceforth; Slower growth the level is advantageous to cardiovascular health. Accordingly, need is in both in find balance place.

Professor Lucas thinks, the premature head development that pregnancy is not worth 37 weeks is not quite perfect, cerebral ministry is sensitive, aggrandizement nutrition (if increase 30% protein) very apparent to gain of growth of its head ministry, need high water all one's life to grow baby of mature of pull up to. But mature cerebral development is already perfect, cerebral ministry is sensitive and inferior, additional nutrition is not big to influence of its head ministry, increase nutrition to be able to make its grow instead rate is too rapid, cause healthy to future negative effect. To mature, need not additional add nutrition, inchoate the main reason of element of risk of disease of the heart and vessels after slower growth drops year after year however instead.