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For darling need to notice before clever pregnant
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1, prospective mother should insist to exercise, because the virus such as cold, measles invades the fetal deformation that cause,resist. But must point out, the body that prospective mom has takes exercise should right amount, avoid to attend acuteness athleticism, because of excited, nervous sports psychology, can affect balance of their physiology functionary, if must attend when, should defer conception.

2, the nutrition that gravid and inchoate embryo needs, can get from inside the nourishment that the film inside the uterus stores directly, the nutrient preparation before pregnant is very so important. To be before pregnant tone cures the body, should allocate reasonably prandial, eat all sorts of food that contain a lot ofnutriment more, be like the flesh kind, bean products, vegetable and fruit.

3, what various harmful material affect prospective mother not only is healthy, also can affect fetal growth at the same time development, it is the main factor that causes fetal deformation. The person that harmful material contacts to wait like radiation, lead, cadmium, mercury before pregnant should notice whether harmful material exceeds normal level inside inspection system, if have,exceed bid, should leave this kind of job a paragraph when ask, the body becomes pregnant again after each index value is normal.

4, medicaments sends abnormal is a when cause congenital deformation main reason. The medicaments that sends abnormal can pass placenta to pass an embryo to enter directly commonly, and in 3 gravid and first months, fetal the effect that suffers medicaments the most easily. If be taken before pregnant medicaments has save up inside the mother's body, produce an effect with respect to can fetal development. So, before pregnant a few months must want discretion with medicine.

5, prepotent the thing that is a wife not merely. Foreign scholar discovers, the man wears tight jeans, can press spermary to temperature taller inguinal canal, cause raw energy function to drop.

6, do not enter after wine room. The bases alcohol of wine enters system inside, the chromosome distortion that can cause human body and gene are choppy. If become pregnant after wine, can make fetal development gets very big impact. The child that drunken conception gives birth to often has intellectual growth obstacle of development of undesirable, slight movement and appear to misshape variously, be like small wait with eyeball, harelipped, short leg, congenital heart disease. Accordingly, the woman that preparation is pregnant does not drink, dissuade the husband to also do not drink.

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