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The society expresses desire with right kind
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When the child expresses him desire with undeserved means, the adult knows the child's demand obviously, intended however dissimulate, express to pay no attention to not solution, clear, timely to cheeper ask a question, guide the child to learn to use right kind and the desire that the language expresses him and requirement.

Case one

Understand not

Happy happy event sees have a lot of children downstairs playing, she also wants to go, taking then cry antrum is ambiguous the ground says with mom: "Mom, I want to play, I want you to take me to go out to play. " it is clear that mom begins to did not listen what is darling saying, differentiate carefully to just hear the word that understood darling. The talking means that to darling this kind of act shamelessly acts like a spoiled child does not like mom very much, criticized a lot of times, yield results is not big.

The method is applied

When encountering darling not to talk well every time, the parent can use the method of ask while knowing the answer to answer, this moment even if the meaning that understood the child, also pretend to understand not, darling of intended ask in reply: "What are you saying? I am understood not, you say again. " if darling still is crying to talk, the parent can continue ask a question: "It is not clear that I hear your word, the word says well, crying to talk how can be I understood? Crying to talk how can be I understood??

Convey the meaning that understands oneself with very clear language till the child, the parent just pretends ground of suddenly be enlightened says: " , so you are this meaning, such talking mom like, do not want an edge to cry later the frontier said, ? ??

Intimate speech

The child is before parents, sometimes hard to avoid can act like a spoiled child or act shamelessly, the parent cannot make endless concessions, the apiration that should let the child learn to use clear, intact language to convey his and idea.

Case 2

Do not talk

Small treasure is already fast two years old, be willing to talk not quite, always use expression, act or the apiration that cry will come to to convey his, you look, he wants to eat cracker now, point to biscuit box with the hand, mom hands him biscuit rapidly, eat biscuit to want to play, he points to outside pointing to the door, mom issue did not finish cannot take him immediately, he cries greatly, mother was forced to depend on him. The child that mom discovers to the language of small treasure conveys ability to compare age of of the same age apparently is poor, very anxious.

The method is applied

The mom of small treasure can pretend intentionally not to know the child's demand, guide child diction character to express his desire: "What do you want to do? I do not know, speak out with small mouth, mom just knows. " " what do you want? What is this? You do not make give its name, it will be angry. " " the small mouth of darling is very able, can have a meal, can talk, mom can like to hear the voice that you talk. Mom can like to hear the voice that you talk..
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