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Increase close density to reduce a little patient to use disease more
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Term begins 3 weeks, mostly the student's excitement is strong gradually subsidise, but the teacher can discover some children " extraordinary " , their feverish interest seems to have add without decrease, attend class attention is not centered, do not sit, always like " annoy " other classmate. The expert points out, "Notice blemish uses a barrier more " it is one of psychological behavior obstacles with common children, it can form generation to the school work of children, individual character major effect. The parent and teacher not only should know the child " move more " cause of formation, the thing proceed with that is interested from the child even, help its overcome the problem with dispersive attention gradually.

After the elementary school on the much children that use disease " highlight "

Qi Yuanli of doctor of vice director of institute of sanitation of spirit of province of hospital of Guangdong province people, Guangdong says, in nursery school, the child still basically is with " play " give priority to, once " good move " the child went up after elementary school, below unified education mode, the low, issue that studies achievement difference can highlight attention come out. This moment, the parent often just can appear to won't do because of the child exercise stays hall, attend class cannot center result of spirit, study to differ wait for a problem and demand medical service. Of course, whether does the child belong to doctor of classics of the much need that use disease's strict assessment ability diagnose, the parent cannot because of the child " good move " buckle to the child easily on " use disease more " cap.

In fact, move disease to be put in certain genetic factor more, the general much children that use disease often has one or more near also suffer from use disease more. One considers to discover, at least 1 / 3 ever had the father that uses disease more, its child also suffers from use disease more. Additional, move disease to return more with slight head iron of vitamin of injury, lack, microelement and zinc are concerned, food allergy, lead is polluted, the additive agent for food, agent that divide rust also can become the inducement that uses disease more.

Children is moved more need to show loving care for an attention with all possible means blemish, much move, the behavior characteristic that impulse is the many children that use disease, him child that uses disease more is done unconsciously " destroy " , but the parent can not tolerate certainly, some teachers and classmate also do not understand. Then of the parent beat and scold, of the teacher's criticism, classmate isolated, became the much child that use disease " predicament " .

Qi Yuanli says, the treatment that uses disease more should be mixed from teacher of the child, parent, school face of doctor all directions begins, especially the parent wants a change to be opposite before of the child beat and scold a manner, the society uses the effective educational method such as bonus and penalty, if decompose long study task,be small time, in order to increase study efficiency.
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