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A few big sign before the child falls ill
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Some parents for lack of Yo knowledge, observe the sign before the child's disease carelessly, once the child comes on panic-stricken, even bungle illness. Actually, although the baby won't be conveyed, but total before sicken conference appears a few symptoms and body are asked for, as long as parents is advertent, can seasonable discovery is below most circumstance.

1. The change health baby of the mood is bouncy, two have a mind, do not love to cry be troubled by. If appear irritating, complexion is aglow, when lip is dry, it is fevered omen mostly; Make a fist of look slack, orthoptic, two tactics, be convulsions is bodeful; Two legs are inflectional, clonic cry be troubled by, roll, it is the expression of bellyacke; Be addicted to sleeps, hair of vomiting, neck is good, it is the symptom of encephalitis.

2. Dietary change is like a baby at ordinary times appetite is very good, abrupt inappetence, accompany invigorative not beautiful, the likelihood is to have a fever, measure temperature at this moment knowable dawn; If fruit is abdominal distension, ceaseless belch, fart, and taste is sour, may be breast feeds backwater, indigestion; After be fed like infantile refus or be being fed, cry be troubled by, and saliva is much, the likelihood is oral cavity disease.

3. Change baby breath of breath coarsens, become fast, facial and aglow, the likelihood is fevered expression; If dehisce breathes, it is nose more airproof; Breath is hurried, nose ala is incendiary, lip is aglow, answer at this moment beware of is pneumonic.

4. If the change baby of Morpheus sleeps before irritating, the face after sleeping is aglow, breath is hurried, this is fevered expression; Dripping wet of the kubla khah after sleeping, it is rachitic expression; Be like the love before falling asleep to pay anal part with the hand, it is the show that has pinworm; After sleeping, chew ceaselessly or grind one's teeth, answer beware of ascarid is ill.

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