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Before the child the parent careful judge a teacher
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"The parent does not maintain the teacher's image before the child, those who strangle is the study enthusiasm of own child. " enjoy educational expert Mr. Sha Yue with special and subsidiary municipal government to warn the parent.

10 days, morning paper " parent school " walk along 硚 mouth Ou Chongren the 2nd elementary school, invite Mr. Sha Yue and parent to be discussed together " the parent how better cooperate a teacher to teach the child " if problem.

Sha Yueceng listens a father says before the child's face " your new a teacher in charge of a class is very fat ah! " it is a casual comment originally, but perhaps can let a teacher sell at a discount greatly in the brilliant figure in son heart. The son is convinced by place of broad and profound knowledge originally, do not care about the teacher's bodily form, father's word reminded him however, if the child follows the teacher's association what to have later,be inferior to meaning, this word can increase the son dissatisfaction to the teacher, develop didymous teacher place to impart gradually intellectual dissatisfaction.

Mr. Sha Yue warns the parent, want to pay attention to oneself words and deeds at ordinary times, best can be a teacher to add cent in the impression in child memory, although oneself have what dissatisfaction to the teacher, also do not want to be revealed before the child, can communicate with the teacher under the counter.

Mr. Sha Yue thinks, only family and school form join forces ability to promote the child the development of integrated quality, school wanting the home forms resultant force, the communication that the parent follows a teacher is very important.

Institutional conversion thinks

Some parents feel disgusted to be invited by the teacher very much, feel very lose time, send the school to want to give namely the child teacher management, how to always still ask the parent? Actually, below such circumstance, the parent is necessary to make conversion think: "If I am a teacher, I am met... "

The station sees the child on the teacher's footing " mistake " , examine a teacher next " criticism " , conduce to the parent understanding the teacher's position, understand a teacher " pains " , the not proper that goes up to means of a few criticism with respect to can much portion good-tempered.

Irony is saying to help the child like a teacher

Sometimes the peacemaker that the parent wants to do teacher and child. A parent goes to the school attending a meeting the parent, listened to the defect of one caboodle child to come back, does the son ask " does the teacher criticize me again? " " do not have, the teacher still praises you, before saying you are compared paragraph time pays attention to individual sanitation more. Before saying you are compared paragraph time pays attention to individual sanitation more..

Actually the teacher did not praise the child, the child hears the parent's word, produced good opinion to the teacher immediately: "The teacher connects me this little change discovered, look the teacher pays close attention to me very much, I cannot make a teacher disappointed " . Then the child likes to go up gradually this teacher, achievement also is in imperceptible in rise.
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