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"Sympathize with " the seed is spread so
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Because a lot of families are put in the phenomenon to children coddle since childhood more or less, many children were used to it is a center with ego, parents are this special headache --

Setting ought not to the butterfly of cause sb's death by maltreating him

Ding Ding of 4 years old and mom go from nursery school together. Flowers and trees is fascicular all round nursery school, the butterfly of beauty of a lot of color is fluttering. Go attacking on fourth Ding Ben butterfly, good not easy nab. Why should catch butterfly? Fourth Ding Shui is caught come home go playing, his mom says, become butterfly clip in the book the specimen is very good-looking.

Apparent, ding Ding and his mom lacks the consciousness that life shows loving care for, because the world assumes office why to be born,content is born once only life, dally with or be being held is to be placed in the book, final metropolis dies. So, why to want cause sb's death by maltreating him it? Let butterfly flutter between the flowers, a beautiful scenery that still is nature! Perhaps the child catchs butterfly is to stem from curiosity and interest, but his mom says to become butterfly the specimen, this meeting is a kind of opposite guiding.

Field edge: 4 years old of right-and-left children, begin to walk out of domestic small circle of people, showed a very new world at the moment, everything all round can arouse their interest and curiosity. Below the influence of education and environment, the child's consciousness is preliminary form, individual character and intelligence develop quickly, show a certain tendentiousness, in his lifetime the lieutenant general can leave graven mark.

Parents wants nab opportunity, undertake openly guiding more. E.g. , be in Germany, when the child just learned to walk, parents raises the puppy such as kitten, leveret, small chelonian in the home, the purpose lets the child namely attending personally in the process of puppy, the society cherishs puny life. Pedagogic home thinks, this is the tweak that fosters the child to sympathize with a heart as a child. Also because of such, german child helps the blind, old person cross driveway become common practice, of course, won't go up in the bus more " grab seat " .

Setting fosters cordial relations between states together cloth baby

Le Le 3 years old, a day, house is cleared away in mom in old other people when, she discovered a mom when the cloth baby that play, because time is ages ago, cloth baby is already extremely shabby. The likelihood is the cloth child that had not seen that period, le Le resembled discovering treasure, hold is not put.

Abrupt, she says to mom: "Mom, how doesn't baby have an eye, how was the dress also defeated? " this ability observes mother, this cloth baby is already serious and misshapen, look at a daughter to take sad face slightly then, mom tells her: "This baby is given to be bitten bad by the dog of neighbour a long time ago. " happy Le Xiaosheng is talking in whispers to say: "Baby can have many to ache. " the main chance that mom realizes to this is to foster the child to sympathize with a heart immediately, say to Le Le then: "Happy, we foster cordial relations between states it together, ? " Le Le agreed racily.
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