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Can my darling be healthy? (1)
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Introduction: The darling that very much accurate mother worries to he is cherished will be unbalanced, below what kind of circumstance oaf just is delivered of likely after all?

The darling that very much accurate mother worries to he is cherished will be unbalanced, below what kind of circumstance oaf just is delivered of likely after all?

"Is my fetal darling unbalanced? "Is my fetal darling unbalanced??

The source that oaf generates but from internal cause and external cause two respects are searched.

Hormone influence:

Inchoate application estrogen, androgen reachs pregnant progestational hormone, the metabolic etc that can cause fetal sexual distinction is unbalanced.

Medicaments influence:

Accurate mom can extend a new life with streptomycin continuously deaf. Tetracycline, hormone kind medicaments has the coverage that extends abnormal, so gestation should be with medicine below doctor guidance reasonable use.

Smoking drinks:

A large number of accurate parents is long-term drinking, smoking, possible generation stillborn foetus, low weight, intellective low coarse circumstance.

Allow mom virus infection: Common is inchoate mother suffers from pregnant the virus infection such as virus of virus of afterbirth of flu, measles, large and small, pure herpes, can make fetal suffer from the organization such as calcify of small deformation and water on the brain, head or organic deformation.

Accurate mom makes up thick:

An investigation makes clear, the occurence rate with the fetal and unbalanced person that wear heavy make-up everyday is not Tu Nong makeup person 1.25 times. What produce undesirable effect to place of fetal deformation development basically is the toxicant such as the arsenic that contains in cosmetic, lead, mercury qualitative, after these material are absorbed by the skin of accurate mom and mucous membrane, can pass through hematic embryo protective screen, enter fetal blood circulation, affect fetal normal growth. It is the generation after the ultraviolet illuminate in the sunshine of classics of a few composition in cosmetic next the balmy amine apperception that has the effect that send abnormal combines material.

Accurate mom has sufferred radiation:

Inchoate excessive accepts accurate mom the generation that radioactivity material brings about oaf likely, because this is accurate mom is inchoate do not make abdominal X line as far as possible clairvoyant or photograph piece, have otherwise it is dangerous to cause congenital heart blemish, small deformation, stillborn foetus to wait.

Cat of accurate mom catch a disease catch a disease infects:

Very few perhaps somebody knows, the cat that carries bacterium is the contagion source with very big menace of a kind of fetal to bringing about deformation, and the main avenue that feline excrement and urine is transmission of this kind of malign contagion. Show according to concerning a material, be in England, because allow mom to be close to what the cat causes undesirable consequence to the baby, 40% what occupy catch a disease to permit mother about, every year about 500 babies are killed by feline place.
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