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The proper pride that safeguards the child gives a chance to extricateoneself fr
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The child is grow in erring ceaselessly rise, when having, the fault that the child makes is not intentional, age characteristic and experience of life are not worth and cause because of its however, the adult reachs the curiosity to the thing and exploration desire to do not hurt the child's proper pride when criticizing the child, can be before criticism or later set to the child " step " , will safeguard the child's proper pride with this, change the child's undesirable mood.

Case one


Xuan Xuan likes dabble, still like to be received with the cup particularly water the water inside machine will play, he takes the advantage of at the moment mom carelessly, received water a cup another cup, still sprinkle water completely the ground is, at this moment mom came...

Cheeper psycho

Cheeper curiosity is strong, move to meeting, the thing that can sound is interested particularly, liking dabble is the child's nature, water machine press with the hand can pour out of water to come, let the child feel very interesting, so dot likes to be in water water pours inside machine. If the parent satisfied the child's curiosity, offerred the opportunity of dabble to the child, child nature won't play again " water machine " the water inside.

The method is applied

Mom sees water of waste of a small room of a small room is very grouchy, but she did not criticize Xuan Xuan directly instantly, however aloud asks Xuan Xuan: "Is this water you give what mom prepares? Darling is really sensible, know to show consideration for mom, nevertheless mom drinks a cup enough, to who is you poured so much cup drunk? Alas, these water were wasted true regrettablly, we clean the ground clean at once, if let the person of those places that lack water know we do not cherish water so, they will be very sad, very angry. " (can borrow machine tell to darling a few about " lack water " story)

"You feel this waters opportunity is very interesting, press gently with handle gently current comes out, you want to know very much why, be? Darling likes observation, very good, wait for father to come back you together " research studies " , can perhaps you yourselves make water machine? Later oneself a person does not follow water machine " play " , press a hot water not carefully of meeting scald. Press a hot water not carefully of meeting scald..

Love the nature of dabble to satisfy the child, the parent can offer the toy of a few dabble more, still can use simple principle to do with the child a few about " water " small experiment.

Intimate speech

The child is smaller curiosity is stronger, erring in exploration also is unavoidable, the adult had better give first when criticizing the child " step " , next refinance aids this event that produce to undertake be taught relevantly and introductory to the child.

Case 2

I got angry

Mom takes leather skin to play in bifurcation bifurcation home, just began two young associate very friendly, passed before long, two children happened " war " , result skin skin makes bifurcation fork cried, mom comes home leather leather belt rapidly and earnest ground criticized him, leather skin very not happy, a person hides in the room to be born fuggy.
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