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Fetal also have moral quality?
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Introduction: Prenatal education is the aesthetic education with the earliest life, initiate sexual action to the move since the development of a person. If good mental quality was fostered when prenatal education, the child will be benefited all one's life.

Prenatal education is integral sex to fetal influence, the result that fetal study also is integral sex, because this prenatal education conduces to fetal and fetal quality of the spirit after be born of each respects model, what conduce to character namely is perfect. Character weighs individual character again, namely a person of all sorts of psychology features integrated, or the fundamental spiritual outlook of a person. The formation of character and person are inchoate experience is very relative, if a person can be in of life begin to get integral sex and aesthetic education, so this kind of education is met long-term to one interior generation of the individual, deep, the influence of exert a subtle influence on, make the character incline to of this individual finally perfect, make this individual becomes a sincerity, kind-hearted, beautiful person, become can ego understanding, ego perfects the person with self-fulfilment. Prenatal education is the aesthetic education with the earliest life, initiate sexual action to the move since the development of a person, often say like people in that way, good germinant the half that succeeds namely. The expert of Australia and our country is right of prenatal education children chase after visit make clear, the children that passes prenatal education mostly lively, love loves nature jump, and clever and healthy, academic, some becoming early intelligent children, some has the special capacity of the respect such as art.

Warmth reminds: The development of children intelligence suffers the effect of a variety of elements such as acquired environment and education, because this evaluates the pure effect of prenatal education amid very hard. But prenatal education laid a good foundation for infant intelligence development, the development of inchoate to children education had very good positive effect, this are beyond question.

Wake up fetal cerebrum development

Medical progress is quite striking. The progress of science and technology, although was the mankind to bring happiness, but the sense that also makes the mankind becomes slow. With respect to prenatal education, be pregnant, in light of each domains such as education of production, infant, circumstance how?

Prenatal education respect, develop as a result of what ultrasonic diagnoses an instrument, be pregnant initial stage can understand the fetal situation in the abdomen. And, the technology of ceaseless development, can observe even arriving from oviposit the circumstance of the bed. The progress of these technologies, in overthrowing an abdomen fetal get the protection of amniotic fluid, won't bear the view of outside pressure. And, the fetal cerebral ministry development, process that develop and the formation of all sorts of organs, needs time also has only a few days short just; so, the importance of the lifestyle in be pregnant more be taken seriously. Nerve cell of the head once development is finished, can use all one's life, and won't second birth, the process that fashions accordingly is very important. The mankind lives the basiccest and important feeling system lays a foundation in fetal period.
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