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A catch question that blame a problem is adverse the child is curious
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This is together very classical so-called " die hard your elementary school inscribes " : (1, 3, 7, 8) ; (2, 4, 6) ; (5, 9) , 3 groups of numbers return because of a common law every groups it is a group, speak this rule please. The answer is, the first group of phonetic notation are; The 2nd group of the four tones of classical Chinese phonetics; The 3rd group is 3 times.

Cudgel one's brains for analyses among them maths pattern, who can think of, is those who take an examination of phoneticize however? According to on June 13 " Chinese youth signs up for " report, such makes the child embarrassed, the parent is scared, a catch question that the undergraduate scratchs his head, strange problem, difficult problem, be regarded as to exercise a mind by teachers however, develop intelligence " jewel " .

Contemporary education is with the student this, inspire independence to think, take the ability that discovers a problem seriously, what go out a title to have only solution no longer, the thinking space that gives teacher and student is very large, this active to good teacher and thinking student is a good news undoubtedly. But give a catch question, strange problem and difficult problem it may not be a bad idea, get it may not be a bad idea of thinking of creativity of thinking of sex of disperse the internal heat with sudorifics, want to consider the characteristic of intellectual itself not only, the acknowledge that considers a student even develops the rule and characteristic of body and mind, must consider the acceptance of most child, must be aim to return with drive study interest and enthusiasm, cannot " excessive development " . Resemble picking peach, jump to get quite, have incentive effect; If jump 3 jump to also be not picked, rather the enthusiasm of contusion children, bring about one part student to inspect study to be a dangerous road from now on thereby. This may be the teaching staff place that those are fond of development pupil thinking blindly only then expect do not.

The problem is, this kind of excessive development even from began before school age. Should be happy with play originally the nursery school that give priority to, teach early had literacy class and arithmetical problem, made those who slant to be blamed hard nearly " thinking is gymnastic " . While those who lose childhood is happy, also along with all the others lose the fun of study and hobby. Just, teenager children by " excessive development " , result from premature also pressure of competition of exceeding enter a higher school. Because teach great disparity of resource actor bad, and high grade resource is relatively in short supply, exist since elementary school indeed the choose school malpractice on border, let many a little bit when the child learns, of development a few earlier, have " outstanding place " , have " professional skill " , became " choose school " chip. This is helpless under " excessive development " , it is big distress of education really.

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