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The girl family education that if raise a sword,chops a mother is a bit less cru
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See in the detention house shackles adds the Xiaoxu of the body, those present all without exception feels astonish and regretful. Go up to be mixed evilly without in his comely and emaciated face cruel, and more it is alone with inhospitality. Hover of a problem is in the brain of people: It is what reason brings about this mere teenager of 15 years old raises butcher's knife, lead to the tragedy that chops mother of dead one's own?

The Xiaoxu inside the detention house, ask one answers, never say a word more. Can see, he is the child with individual character dissocial case. Xiaoxu's teacher says, xiaoxu study result is medium, the communication with other classmate is very few, it is a tacit student, whats don't have almost at ordinary times special the friend that be close friends.

Xiaoxu tells a reporter, the domestic requirement that makes the home is very good, arrive as a child big, parents is taken care of very well to his life daily life. Just make male relative of a senior generation the job is very busy, the dinner party is more, often return the home drunkly, now and then tubal child also dispute is hit scold namely. Promising a mother is a severe mother, addition of foot of a few wrong fists in because Xiaoxu's study is mixed,often living, total with " kill you " , " chop you " such utterance will threaten son, the wire that once used electric meal Bao once mauls the small department that make a face.

Get online to prevent Xiaoxu, make a mother control his pocket money strictly, but replace Xiaoxu to keep via often can be being taken " money given to children as a lunar New Year gift " go playing mahjong. To all these, xiaoxu cannot be balanced and understand. Groused to exceed love with fear to what parents accumulates for a long time in the heart, such, father and son, mother child before the relationship is very long gradually screwy, parents and he had reached the degree that cannot communicate.

This kind of rough education way, make Xiaoxu produced extremely intense allergy, of the again and again beat and scold the nerve that stimulating him, bring about tragic happening eventually. Xiaoxu says, the idea at that time is " they can beat dead my " , " maternal be dead, also won't hit me again " .

Face a reporter, xiaoxu is low all the time head, the tear of eyeful compunction. He tells a reporter, meet all the time recently the dream is preparing meal for him to the mother, after awaking suddenly, just realize the mother is already gone. Xiaoxu rejects the visit of his father and relative now, he cannot face them. Although want to attend maternal funeral, but this has been impossible.

The word takes on desk, the dream cooks for him to the mother, want to attend maternal funeral very much, all these proves Xiaoxu is not complete marble, human nature to die out. Just think if Xiaoxu's parents is opposite on many somes of heart in his education communicate and communicate, many somes of consideration and correct guiding, beat and scold ultraly a few lesser, how is Xiaoxu met again disposition twist, distortion, and brandish knife chops strange mother dead, lead to tragic of this one act?
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