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Pupil is written " solicit parent book " appeal parents is consistent
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Because the parent often says, do, the child that feels bemused couldn't help writing " solicit parent book " , oppugn contradictory behavior of the parent. Recently, the student that the reporter got this to seal 硚 mouth area to build happy village elementary school sends a letter.

"You often teach me to want to have love, want to cherish puppy, but on time see on the road roam about dog, you how one foot its spurn... " seal in this " solicit parent book " in, this student still listed the instance with many parent contradictory words and deeds: The parent ever taught him to want honour old love young, but on board, often when he thinks offer one's seat to sb, be pressed closely always however on the seat by parents; Mom teachs him to want to economize, but the cosmetic that sees hundreds of fund, want not to want to be bought. This student says, before parents is in the figure in his memory is very tall, it is the object that he adores, but be brought up as him, the contradictory expression with parental differ words and deeds destroyed their form. "For you, still have your son, please your attention is consistent! " language minor details, the child persuades so.

Be in before in interviewing, teacher of an elementary school has spoken of such one act with the reporter: When she owes the student home a visit to the parents or schoolchildren or young workers of beautiful to an achievement, it is good that the parent says he often teachs the child academic be used to, much read a book, aside the student refutes: "You every time so say, how don't you read a book then, often go out card games... " this shows, in daily life, the contradictory act with parent differ words and deeds is not rarely seen.

To this, high teacher Geng Xiling weighs psychology of province experiment middle school, the parent says one does, can let do not know well the child not know what to do of affairs of human life. As the child grown, the parent's behavior can cause the child's allergy, the student draws up " solicit parent book " , actually is differ to parent words and deeds behavior is interrogatory, should bring those who have the parent to think over.