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Adjusting control is good oneself mood
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I am a schoolgirl, when elementary school I am a very lively person, I what await in those days am carefree, classmates say I am happy fruit. After accessibility junior high school, do not know why, I always dominate my sentiment hard, always feel very sad occasionally very pained, seek the account that is less than affliction again however, for this I often weep alone. It how should I run ability excuse me is good how should I run ability excuse me?

A helpless girl

Helpless girl:

Hello! Your incoming letter is the accredit to us, I believe you can get force goes casting off this to the portion is troubled and be anxious accordingly.

After entering adolescence, the mood seems to have " come on period " , every other period of time, meet indescribable ground is low rise, all the day downhearted, do not wish others of pay attention to, also do not have idea to work. This can affect the mood not only, return the relationship between meeting influence and classmate.

Actually, the change with this kind of periodic mood is not ill, however phenomenon of normal physiology, psychology, because the person's mood is the same as intellective, physical strength,have euqally periodic. A psychologist of Austria discovers above all, mood discretion wave motion of the person is one cycle with 28 days, abiding by climax of critical day → low ebb of → of period → critical day period → is critical day of → the rule of climax period and circular move back and forth. Mood climax period expression is: Driving, mood is rising, upbeat active, thinking is nimble, have a good memory. The expression of low ebb period is: Endurance drops, be agitated of easy exhaustion, mind, mood low, thinking slow, memory drops. This kind periodic restricting human body euqally as aeriform clock, playing the life march that prolonged does not cease. So, somebody is what this says biological clock phenomenon. Since this is a kind of normal phenomenon, need not cross minute of concern and worry.

So, how should we treat this kind of periodic mood change, where is the host that does a mood? The first, had made sufficient psychological preparation, face up to and accept a mood the arrival of low ebb period, tell oneself at the same time, this kind of periodic change does not have too big impact to learn and living, need not worry for it suffer be afraid of, bewilderment is disturbed. The 2nd, when the mood that senses oneself is in low ebb, can conciously a few more evasive the issue that poses oneself easily to be unhappy, perhaps put those difficult problem that puzzle oneself temporarily. The 3rd, produce the effect of subjective volition, do the host of the mood. Some people suffer mood left and right sides easily, what pleasant becomes it is servile, do not want to also cannot accuse oneself; Some people criterion can him dictate, with sensible conquer undesirable mood. The wave motion that says a mood so has periodic characteristic, at the same time the person also has capacity of ego adjusting control to the mood. The 4th, the host that does a mood is depressive mood not just, the negative sentiment that ought to learn measurable him drain more. For instance: Cry in proper place and appropriate time, stamp of stamp one's foot, delighted even ground cries; You can talk about your mood with the good friend, when the mood that speaks oneself, you can feel much relaxed... wait for the sun shines again after rain, you can discover the world is so good still.
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