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Is the child lying how to do?
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Have parent report: The child that attends junior high school recently just finished a midterm, ask the child took an examination of curl to come down? How to take an examination of? The child replies: "The teacher has not changed good. " do mom do not be at ease, call a teacher in charge of a class, ask the child recent study circumstance and this exam achievement, the teacher says, the child attends class recently not absorption attend a lecture, achievement also glided apparently a lot of, examination paper has signed to the parent close. Mom knows the child lay, very angry, but temporarily between the problem that does not know how to should handle the child to lie.

Urban king lady mentions the experience that her daughter lies to have feeling quite: I and gentleman run a company, at ordinary times the job, dinner party is busy come nevertheless, the child gives the grandma is taken care of, have period of time, the grandma often phones me, say the child cries uncomfortable, take a hospital to check everything is normal, but lie on the bed not to rise namely. I listened to hasten run back to the home to look how to return a responsibility. I take the door, the child is hit with respect to oneself boil to jump down from the bed, run to the side of me to make jump again again, it is normal to be like everything. The time is much, I begin to suspect the child is lying, then I looked for a time to enquire she is cheating mom and grandma intentionally very calmly. Bub passed old a long time, nod, tooting the mouth says: "Mom is not in the home at ordinary times, but want me to say only uncomfortable, mom can see me immediately, I think mom say oneself are uncomfortable... " at that time I very astonish, so I am considering the work at ordinary times and forgot the child's feeling, then I say with her: "Mom often does not come home watching baby is incorrect, but darling often cheats mom incorrect also, it is good that mom and darling correct an error together after? " wherefrom second later, I work again busy metropolis smokes time to accompany the child, also be begin from at that time, she changes lying habit slowly. The defect that actually I think the child is lying has very big concern with the parent.

The problem that chapter lady lies to the child also has his view: The child lies to want to seek an account from parent respect above all, the way that is issue of domestic advantage grain sometimes is wrong cause. For example the child broke a bowl into pieces, the likelihood is small error only, if the parent is handled with lenient attitude, the child may admit actively, dan Rejia grows to be punished easily, again honest child should scatter a lie to avoid first ahull head. That parent says the child lies above, say exam achievement was not announced, probable be at ordinary times the parent is valued too to studying result, and child him sense did not achieve parental requirement and the choice hides the thing come down. But also cannot entirely the ground is good-tempered of the child lie problem, what is the reason that at that time the parent should distinguish the child to lie, what distinguishing is well-meaning what hereat meaning. Some children are more sensible, violate factual word to did not let parents worries and say, at that time although parents knows to also might as well when " a blind person " , but if the child is the thing that took a someone obviously and the family sends insist stubbornly, such lie nots allow appeasement, the parent not only want active bottom, even timely look after children to go back thing remand, with action education.
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