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" is accompanied read " to become care of a kind of bloodcurdling
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Harbin has to break occasionally old mother, accompany for the son read 9 years, take an examination of from inside the son, accompany all the time read son take an examination ofing to grind. Take an examination of for the first time grind failed, the son is taken an examination of again for the mother; Take an examination of the 2nd times grind to fail again, the son still wants to be taken an examination of again for the mother; But serious depressed illness, make he also takes an examination of no less than going to again. He holds a knife from incomplete, the mother seizes knife photograph to save, result, small knife pricks a mother by accident, the life that nearly wanted a mother 51 years old.

The school is rolled out " accompany read a house " Mom letting father accompanies the child to read tall 3 (graph)

The son has the son's outlook, the mother also has maternal life. Reject to remarry when the mother, resolutely abdication, sell a house, go into town accompany read, the marriage that is determined to be son him sacrifice, career and happiness when, the mother does not cross head of 40 annual expenditure, it is a disposition the cadre of basic level woman with optimistic, spell able job. This is original still OK and bright life, however resolutely chose cloudily, of be most willing to cloudily, of honor permits no turning back cloudily, a few to make sacrifice for the son with the mother and have quite the portion is solemn and stirring cloudily. Actually, the mother is poor. Your snuff the fire of the life that you did not light, you make the world little a light and heat, you make life much a regret and agonized; Next, you ought embrace yourself some living value, added on son body, both neither is in charge of a son to whether bear, more not ask whether the son is willing to bear.

You are irresponsible to oneself, you are irresponsible to the society, you think to want to be opposite only son with one one's heart is responsible, you can bear the responsibility that has a mother. Result, you wrong. The son rises momently then from what be born, it is an independent life, he accepts parental care, he had the responsibility of feel deeply grateful. Normal care, be thankful normally, combination becomes harmonious close passion. But when this kind of care, when all happiness with maternal him sacrifice will convey, care must change again normal, can weigh so that let a son cannot bear, become the debtor of the be heavily in debt on spirit with respect to exuviate of meeting general son. The mother jumps over honor permits no turning back, the son can'ts bear heavy burden more; The mother is jumped over not plan sequential, the son is broken more without leeway; Once the mother places the manner that does not amount to purpose swear not to stop, the son can no more resemble a normal person likely so the life. The mother that Harbin has pity on that, be an extreme is paradigmatic.
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